Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails

Rosé champagne is topped with fresh cotton candy for a beautiful cocktail perfect for a garden party, wedding, or any other special event. The cotton candy will dissolve when it hits the champagne, creating a sweet champagne cocktail.

Last year I made some cotton candy champagne cocktails. It was an idea I really wanted to try, but it ended up being quite difficult getting the packaged cotton candy to stay fluffy for the photos. I was so frustrated that I actually bought my own cotton candy maker. It works surprisingly well and you don’t need any special ingredients. You can use table sugar or hard candies. I’ve used the machine several times for cotton candy affogato and for champagne cocktails. The fresh cotton candy comes out much fluffier than the packaged ones and you can make so many different flavors and colors
I’ve been wanting to re-photograph the cotton candy champagne cocktails, but didn’t get around to it until now. Rosé is so popular right now, so I thought it’d be fun use rosé champagne for these cocktails, though you can use regular gold colored champagne as well. You also don’t need to get your own cotton candy machine. Packaged cotton candy works, but it won’t stay fluffy as long. So. much. pink!

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails


  • 1 bottle of champagne, sparkling wine or rose champagne
  • fresh cotton candy flavor of your choice (you can make your own or buy fresh packaged cotton candy)


1. Pour champagne into glasses about 2/3 full.  Do not fill to the top as you do not want the champagne to touch the cotton candy until people are ready to drink.


2. Keep cotton candy sealed until right before serving (this goes for packaged cotton candy and any fresh cotton candy you may make). This will prevent your cotton candy from melting and turning hard. Right before serving, open your cotton candy and gently pull off a small tuft of cotton candy to place on top of the rim of the champagne glass. Make sure your cotton candy is slightly wider than the rim of your champagne glass so that it can sit right on top of it. Serve immediately. Place cotton candy into champagne and let cotton candy dissolve into champagne before drinking.

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6 comments on “Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails”

  1. Looks yummy! Can’t wait to try it out with my sister! 🙂

  2. That color is GORGEOUS!

    • thank you! I am so happy with how these came out! it helps that rosé is already such a pretty blush color.

  3. I want to do this for my daughters Sweet Sixteen. Would this work well with Pink Lemonade?

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