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Sushi Yaro Lunch

As a follow-up to my recently published piece in San Diego Magazine on Sushi Yaro’s Lunch Bento Box, I wanted to provide a little more thorough review of the lunch options offered.

I had heard of various lunch offerings at Sushi Yaro through their tweets. I had no idea the extent of the offerings until I arrived. I was surprised and excited to see so many options, and immediately regretted not bringing more people along so that I could explore the entire lunch menu.

In addition to the lunch menu and the dinner menu, there was a board posted with live sashimi specials.

We both love toro, so we ordered the live toro. Mmm..pretty toro.

I was also very curious about the rice plates which are only $3.99! So we ordered a bbq beef plate.

On the plate was a large scoop of rice, a good helping of marinated beef and a gyoza. The portion may be a little small for some, but if you eat a lighter lunch, then it’s the perfect size. Plus you can always add something else to your meal, like a roll.

Here’s my bento box which I wrote about. There were so many items among the two items to choose from but I eventually settled with sashimi and vegetable and shrimp tempura.

The bento box comes with a miso soup.

It also comes with 4 pieces of either a spicy tuna roll or California roll. I chose the spicy tuna roll.

There is also a lunch deal on sushi rolls where you get to choose 2 cut rolls for $7.99. We were surprised when this huge plate was presented to us. It took up most of our table and was a little hard to photo. Though, I have to confess, I’m really pleased with this photo I took.

I love that the lunch specials are available seven days a week and until 2:30pm. I don’t work close enough to this area to stop by during the week, but now I can stop by more on my weekends.

Sushi Yaro
7905 Engineer Rd.
San Diego, Ca 92111
Sushi Yaro on Urbanspoon

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8 comments on “Sushi Yaro Lunch”

  1. Oh nice…really inexpensive! Maybe one day, I’ll get to visit Sushi Yaro.

  2. I definitely have to go here with my daughter. Those lunch specials are quite enticing!

  3. haha you’re just like me, I bring more only for the sole reason that I can order more variety! 😀

  4. Thank goodness that plate was only $3.99 b/c it looks tiny! Does this place serve Korean inspired dishes? That beef looks like beef bulgogi or something.

    This will definitely be a place I must try for lunch! How was the parking situation?

    • The parking lot is kind of small, but if you can’t find parking in there, there is usually parking on the side streets. In general, I don’t see a lot of Korean inspired dishes on the menu, but these rice plates appear to be the exception.

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