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I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. My family is in town visiting the new house for the first time and I’ve been busy taking them around San Diego as well as cooking for them. The minute our family dog Mochi entered the house, she just seemed to know this was my house and not a random stranger’s house. She immediately started sniffing and exploring every corner of the house which she would never feel comfortable doing if she was visiting another house. I still don’t know how she knew.

Here’s a few highlights from this weekend so far:

Fruit Buckle

I made an fruit buckle for them to enjoy when they arrived. Recipe coming soon.

Surfin’ California from Lucha Libre

I took them to one of my favorite burrito shops in San Diego. They were a little wary at first because they haven’t liked the burritos in the Bay Area, but they really liked the ones here, especially the Surfin’ California special.

Dunkin’ Donuts

They made a request for Dunkin Donuts, so we picked up a dozen donuts and a box of munchkins.

I also took them to Seaport Village since it was so close by.

And we visited The Headquarters along with the old jail cells on exhibit.

We feasted on some Filipino party food. My siblings love pancit so we bought a big tray of it.

Tonight, I cooked a big dinner, including salt and pepper wings, sriracha chicken, and steamed lobsters.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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10 comments on “Weekend Eats”

  1. What you call a Fruit Buckle was a little different in our house. Mom made a simple one bowl cake, put it in a oblong glass dish. Then she put thin sliced apples in the top of the cake, using two or three apples(depending on size). Next she added a lot of sugar and cinnamon to the top, enough to make a crunchy crust. Served warm with a little vanilla ice cream, OH Boy was that good. This is a great go to desert dish for a potluck. People loved it.

  2. I love Lucha Libre!!

  3. The fruit buckle looks pretty with the fruit placed on top! Fun looking weekend!

    • It was a last minute thing I tried out. I’m glad it came out well and they didn’t shrivel up and make the top look ugly

  4. My aunt was visiting from Australia this weekend and we did the zoo, the Midway, Coronado, Little Italy and La Jolla! I think what we did and what you did with your family combined we got all the major spots in SD πŸ™‚

    I didn’t cook her any yummy food like you did though so I think you have the advantage there πŸ˜‰

    • oooh nice places to go to! I wasn’t planning on cooking, but my parents “heavily” hinted that I never cook for them.

  5. That was some yummy looking pancit! πŸ™‚ Where did you get it from?

    Happy Memorial Day!