Azucar- Cuban style patisserie

4820 Newport Ave
Ocean Beach, CA 92107
(619) 523-2020

I was introduced to Azucar by a friend who brought some scones from Azucar.  I tried a blackberry scone and loved it.  It was moist, soft, with whole blackberries inside instead of jam.  Scones can often be on the dry side, but these were not dry at all.  I asked my friend where she got them from and she told me about Azucar, a little shop that specializes in Cuban style pastries.  I'm not familiar with cuban style pastries, and ths scone didn't taste different, but it tasted good.


So I decided to pay Azucar a visit and try it out for myself.  The inside is brightly lit, clean and small.  The menu is featured on flat panel tvs.  Their menu features coffees, some sandwiches, and pastries.  They had several scones available and I picked up a black and blue scone, a pineapple coconut scone and a key lime scone.  I also got a mojito cookie.  They also had a lot of cute cakes available.  I ended up choosing a Artemisa, which is a coconut rum cake, topped with toasted coconut.

The one thing that surprised me when I was browsing the baked goods were the prices.  The prices were definitely steep.  As steep as the prices at places like Extraordinary Desserts.  For such a small shop that isn't as well known, I was surprised at the prices.  Boyfriend commented that the store did have three flat panel tvs just to feature their menu and perhaps that is why they were charging so much.

I originally had wanted to try a coconut cupcake.  But the cupcakes were tiny.  They couldn't even be considered regular cupcakes.  More like mini cupcakes.  And they were $2.75 each!

I took home my goods, and was able to resist eating most of them until after photographing them. I wasn't completely successful.  I did devour the key lime scone in the car.  But I didn't really enjoy it that much.  It had a cream inside it that was more lemony tasting than lime.

Black and blue scone ($2.00)

This scone was full of blackberries.  I didn't see any blueberries, so I'm not sure about the blue part.  It was very moist.  The top has hard sugar crystals.  I enjoyed this one.

Pineapple coconut scone ($2.00)

The coconut is not visible from the outside, but there were definitely flakes of coconut inside.  I liked the pineapple coconut combination.  Again, the scone was nice and moist and breaks off easily without crumbling. 

Mojito cookie.  ($1.75)

I got this mainly because I've never seen a mojito cookie.  It tasted more like a lime sugar cookie, and not really like a mojito.  But I still enjoyed it.  The cookie was very chewy, which I love, and crispy on the outside.

Finally the Artemisa. Cuban rum cake, malibu coconut custard, topped with coconut. ($5.75 I believe)

This was the one I was looking most forward to.  I've really been craving a coconut cake lately.  But I was most disappointed with this one.  The cake wasn't as flavorful as I would have liked.  After a few bites, I didn't want anymore.  Not nearly as yummy as the description had sounded.

6 comments on “Azucar- Cuban style patisserie”

  1. Aw, what a let down on the coconut cake. And it looks so beautiful too. The scones are really huge.

  2. The cake was what I was looking forward to most! I was disappointed.

  3. wow wish i lived nearby. the coconut rum cake is delightful! the mojito cookie is interesting and the texture sounds perfect.

  4. The coconut cake is sooo dainty and cute. Too bad it didn’t live up to its looks. Sigh. Better luck next time.

  5. The mojito cookie was definitely a pretty interesting idea and quite tasty.

  6. I’m sad it didn’t taste as good as it looked. I might try to make my own coconut rum cake instead sometime.

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