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Kirbie’s Cravings is a food blog based in San Diego sharing recipes (ranging from healthy meals to easy desserts) and dining out experiences (in San Diego and from our travels). It chronicles the food cravings of Kirbie and her supportive husband, Mr. K.

Photo credit: Quasi Studios

Photo credit: Quasi Studios

More About Us

Jennifer (aka Kirbie): I grew up surrounded by wonderful food and people who have a passion for food. My grandparents have always taken me to amazing restaurants. At home, my mom is a wonderful cook. In high school my friends gave me the nickname “Kirbie” because I’m constantly eating and always hungry.

I started this blog in 2009 because I needed a creative outlet to relieve the stress from my day job. Writing always came easily to me and I loved food, so this seemed like a fun way to explore both passions. I had zero photography skills, minimal cooking experience and had never baked anything from scratch.

I never expected my little hobby to grow to what it is today. I am now a full-time food blogger, author of 2 cookbooks (5-Minute Mug Cakes* and Dump Cakes from Scratch*), recipe developer and food photographer. (*This product link is an affiliate link. This means I earn a commission from qualifying purchases.)

Mr. K (formerly referred to in older posts as DH (“Dear Husband”), “FH” (Future Husband) or “BF” (The Boyfriend)): I consider myself an artist and love to draw, but I also have a day job as an analyst.

I was never much of a “foodie” until I met Jenn. We met in college and the first time we went out to eat it was for sushi, which I’d never had. After we began dating, she opened my palate to all kinds of cuisine.

I do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff to help with the blog. I am her main taste tester, hand model, light holder. In the last few years, I’ve become interested in photography and now that I no longer take blurry photos (at least 1 out of the 10 will be good!), I help with the photography, especially when we are dining out, traveling, or at an event when having a second camera really helps to capture all the moments.

I also produce all the videos that you’ll find on this blog. Currently, we are focusing on making quick 1-minute videos of recipes on the blog. Later, we hope to add video content for our travels and dining out as well.

More About the Blog

On this blog you’ll find a mix of recipes and dining reviews, with some other food-related discussions (like my Trader Joe’s monthly posts) mixed in.


I love sharing easy, tasty recipes and finding new ways to simplify recipes or come up with unique recipes ideas. My eating philosophy is that it’s all about balance. I share a lot of easy recipes (some healthy and some indulgent). I also like to share recipes inspired by my Chinese American background.

Most Popular Recipe Categories

Dining Out and Travel

All dining out experiences are categorized by city and cuisine. I also have a general San Diego guide where I list my current favorites.

When I first started Kirbie’s Cravings, the blog was more of an online journal chronicling all of my dining out experiences. However in the last few years, the focus has shifted more towards sharing recipes. I still love dining out, but just like I only share my best recipes, I only want to highlight restaurants that get me excited. I also share a lot more of my dining out adventures on my Instagram stories with highlights saved to my profile page.

Working with Kirbie’s Cravings

We’re open to a limited number of new partnerships. Find more about our policies on the Work with me! page. You can also use the contact form to request a media kit.

In the Press

Kirbie’s Cravings has been featured in online and print publications including Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Fox News, Cosmopolitan and more. Jennifer has also made radio and television appearances and done live cooking demonstrations. See the complete list of press features on our press page.

Beyond the Blog

When not writing for the blog, Jennifer is often developing recipes for other companies, doing cooking demonstrations, taking photographs for local restaurants, or writing San Diego food guides for various publications.


Jennifer is the author of 5-Minute Mug Cakes*, featuring nearly 100 individual serving cakes that can be cooked in the microwave and ready in 5 minutes. The cookbook has been translated into 5 languages and sold in 8 countries.


Author of Dump Cakes from Scratch*, featuring nearly 100 recipes where you simply “dump” in the ingredients, spread in the pan, and bake!


Contributor to Peeps-a-licious!*, featuring 50 PEEPS-inspired recipes.

*This product link is an affiliate link. This means I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.