Kirbie's Cravings

4 Ingredient No Bake Strawberry Lemon Icebox Cake

This no bake strawberry lemon icebox cake is an easy dessert to make. There is no cooking or baking involved. You only need four ingredients. The cake comes out creamy and refreshing. This easy dessert can be made ahead of time and is great to serve at summer events.

2 Ingredient Strawberry Donuts (No Yeast, Eggs or Butter)

These strawberry flavored donuts are soft and fluffy. The donut dough only needs 2 ingredients and doesn’t require any yeast, eggs or butter. The dough takes only a few minutes to prepare and you...

2 Ingredient No Yeast Artisan Bread

A crusty, artisan loaf of bread without any yeast. This easy bread needs only 2 ingredients and is nearly fool-proof. The bread bakes up perfectly golden with a crispy crusty exterior and a soft...

4 Ingredient Crispy Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies (No Flour, Eggs or Butter)

These healthy oatmeal cookies are thin, crispy and flavored with blueberries. They are easy to make and you only need four ingredients to make them. The cookies don’t require any flour, eggs, or dairy...

2 Ingredient Keto Coconut Cookies

These coconut cookies are super crispy and sweet. They are also low carb and keto-friendly. The cookies need just 2 ingredients.

2 Ingredient Lemon Sorbet

This lemon sorbet is so creamy and refreshing. The sorbet is easy to make. It is just 2 ingredients and doesn’t require an ice cream maker to make it. The sorbet is also dairy-free.

2 Ingredient Crispy Roast Chicken

This is the best method for making roast chicken. The skin comes out super crispy and the chicken meat stays juicy, moist and flavorful. You only need two ingredients for the perfect roast chicken....