Category: San Diego

When we’re not cooking in our kitchen we’re out and about in our hometown, San Diego, California, exploring all of the amazing restaurants and food places the city has to offer. Whether it’s finding the best ramen spot, checking out the latest trendy dessert, or eating our way through all the brunch offerings, we’ve never run out of great places to visit. Be sure to check out my Best of San Diego list for my favorite spots in the city.

Song Hak

Belgian Beer & Waffle


Ma’s House

Artisan Noodle Tatsuki

Zen Curry

International Smoke

Matcha Cafe Maiko

Bibigo Kitchen

Fort Oak

Myungrang Hot Dog

Chung Chun Rice Dog

Morning Glory


Blue Bottle Coffee

Shake Shack (One Paseo)

Rice Chicken


Gravity Heights

Meet Fresh (San Diego)

Furaido Premium Chicken Company

Born and Raised

Taste of Hunan

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee (Del Mar)