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Mikami Revolving Sushi & Bar

Mikami Revolving Sushi & Bar recently opened a few days ago and is in its soft opening phase. The spacious restaurant features conveyer belt sushi as well as a separate bar area for drinks.

I had been watching the progress of the restaurant for quite a few months. Last weekend while we were shopping in the area, I spied a few “now open” flags and immediately went to go check it out.

The restaurant was only in its second day of operation and was still fairly empty since no announcements had been made about its soft opening. Freshly prepared plates of sushi rotate on a conveyer belt and you can also order food directly from the tablet in place at each table.

Unfortunately for us, they were having issues with the tablets that day, so they decided to suspend order service and were only offering the food coming out on the conveyer belt. This was a little frustrating because we didn’t have any menu to see what items they had to offer.

We did see decent selection of sushi options including some sashimi, nigiri and a few rolls.  The variety increased as more customers came in.

All the sushi plates on the conveyer belt are priced at $2.80 per plate. Here are some of the items we had:

Overall, I’m excited for another conveyer belt sushi option in San Diego. I’ve always enjoyed the fun concept. Mikami’s system isn’t quite as sophisticated as Kura’s since there is no machine that counts the plates and no second belt for food that you ordered to be automatically delivered to you. However, the restaurant is more spacious and has more cooked food options. We also got a peek at the bar area which is quite nice (photo above). The owner mentioned that they eventually will serve different foods in that section like stir fry and cajun seafood. We plan on coming back again once they’ve settled in and are out of soft opening mode.

Mikami Revolving Sushi & Bar
7319 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111

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4 comments on “Mikami Revolving Sushi & Bar”

  1. Your pictures are lovely as always. I’m so behind on this trend. Have not tried Kura sushi either! I’d find it confusing grabbing items without labels on the plate or a server telling you the info. Hope menus are working soon!

  2. There’s actually a second conveyor belt/train on top, but with tablets down, guess they can’t use it. It was working on the first day of soft opening though.

    There are some shared items between the two sections. Mostly appetizers and limited selection of skewers. Maybe they could consider making separate hard copy menu for the sushi side.

    • Thanks for the info! I didn’t realize there was a second one since it wasn’t in operation. I am bummed it wasn’t working the day we were there but good to know you got to experience everything.