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Hui Lau Shan

Hui Lau Shan, a dessert chain originating from Hong Kong, recently opened a location in San Diego. The Hong Kong dessert cafe offers a variety of sweets and drinks but is most known for their large selection of mango-based desserts.

When you step inside the cafe, you can browse a display of some of their signature desserts. The menu is quite extensive but we chose to stick to their signature and most popular items.

Mango Chewy Ball

This is one of their most popular desserts and they offer a regular size as well as a jumbo version. There is also a smaller sampler version that is part of their mango romance (a sampler of three of their desserts).

This dessert consists of mango puree, fresh mango pieces, mango ice cream and chewy tapioca balls. This was my favorite dessert out of the ones we tried. The balls are made in-house with a special machine. You can watch a fun video of them being made on their Instagram.

Mango Mochi

I was surprised to find fresh mango stuffed inside the mango flavored mochi. These are made in-house as well and you can watch a fun video of it here. We really enjoyed these as well.

Pomelo & Mango with Sago

Mango Crisp

Overall, we enjoyed the desserts we tried here and I’m happy this cafe has opened, especially since we don’t have anything else like it in the area (there was a previous Hong Kong dessert cafe with a similar concept that was open briefly a few years ago, Sugar Sweets Dessert, but it didn’t last long.)

Hui Lau Shan
4344 Convoy St Suite M, San Diego, CA 92111

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