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Tenkatori opened in San Diego a few months ago and specializes in Japanese-style fried chicken (karaage). The chain is originally from Japan and has several locations in southern California. The Miramar location is its first San Diego location.

The menu is simple but offers several variations of fried chicken. Most of the time when you see karaage on the menu, it is being made with boneless thighs. But at Tenkatori you can also order wings, gizzards, tenders or cartilage. Rounding out the menu are some bento boxes and rice bowls.

We’ve visited a few times since they opened, here is what we tried:

Boneless thigh

This is their top seller and what most people think of when they hear karaage. The meat was very juicy and well flavored. I especially liked that they keep the skin on the chicken, so there was crunchy skin along with the crunchy batter.


The wings were nicely seasoned with a touch of heat. The skin was thin and crispy. I usually prefer Korean fried chicken wings but I quite enjoyed these and have ordered them a few times.

Sweet & Sour Boneless

I didn’t really enjoy these because the sauce caused the chicken to lose their crunchy coating. Karaage has a very light crunchy coating and it doesn’t usually hold up well with any sort of sauce.


I didn’t quite enjoy these as much. The marinade didn’t seem to penetrate as well into the thick chicken tender pieces and so they didn’t have as much flavor and were a little dry.


I found these a bit too oily for my liking. The seasoning was nice though.

Overall, we’ve enjoyed our visits here. I’m excited that San Diego now has a spot specializing in Japanese fried chicken. For an even more thorough review, check out Kirk’s post.

6780 Miramar Rd ste 104, San Diego, CA 92121


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6 comments on “Tenkatori”

  1. I would like some recipes for persons with diabetes. Thank you.

    • We don’t categorize our recipes by dietary need – it’s best to work with your healthcare provider to determine which recipes work with your diet. We do a variety of recipes, so you are welcome to join our Newsletter – it’s sent every time a new recipe is posted.

  2. I’ve been enjoying the nankotsu recently Kirbie! t’s nicely flavored and I enjoy the texture. Thanks so much for the link and hope all is well.

  3. I’ve been to Tenkatori several times, ordering the boneless thighs and wings each time (usually in the combo). Delicious!

    • I’ve been wanting to try one of their combo plates! I’m glad you like Tenkatori too. Hopefully they will do well in that location