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Belgian Beer & Waffle

Belgian Beer & Waffle is a new cafe offering Belgian street food. The cafe specializes in waffles (Brussels, vegan, and liege) and beer. It is owned by the owners of Le Parfait Paris.

The cafe occupies the former Starbucks in North Park. While most of the structure from Starbucks remains intact, the space has been transformed to resemble a European-style cafe.

The cafe offers a selection of savory waffles, sweet waffles, salads, fries, coffee and beer.

Avocado Waffle Toast

The Brussels waffles incorporate one of the house brews made for the cafe. It helps gives the waffles a very fluffy, light texture and a subtle yeast scent throughout. I loved how thick and fluffy the waffles are.

Chicken Waffle

This was our favorite of the waffles we had. The heavily fried chicken paired well with the Brussels waffles and syrup.

Belgian Fries

I think these may have accidentally been salted twice because they were way too salty for my preference. It’s too bad as I was really looking forward to them.

Liege Waffle with Strawberries and Chocolate Syrup

The liege waffle uses a brioche dough studded with sugar pearls. The waffle was wonderfully crispy around the edges with flaky brioche layers. Next time we will have to try the waffle ice cream sandwich.

Overall, we enjoyed our first visit here. There are not many places that serve waffles all day or offer Brussels waffles in San Diego, so I’m happy to see this new cafe open. We’ve been a fan of Le Parfait Paris for years, so I am also looking forward to seeing what else they will be adding to the menu.


Belgian Beer & Waffle
2899 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

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