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Fudgy Mug Brownie

Super fudgy cocoa brownie in a mug! This single serving dessert cooks in the microwave and is ready in less than 5 minutes to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

After all my research to create my ultimate fudgy brownie recipe, I wanted to apply some of my new knowledge to create a super fudgy mug brownie.

I previously created this brownie mug cake which produces a chewy brownie but needs some wait time. Today’s recipe is so much easier. No wait time, no egg and no melting chocolate.

Texture of a Mug Brownie

As the title of the post states, this brownie is super fudgy. However, the crumb is also much looser than your typical brownie and you won’t be able to take the brownie out of the mug in one piece. It really needs to be eaten with a spoon in the mug.

The reason the crumb is so loose is because I didn’t use any egg in this recipe, which normally would act as a binding agent. I think it is too much of a hassle to try to use a fourth of an egg to make this mug brownie, so it’s better to eliminate the egg altogether.

This mug cake is best eaten warm a few minutes after it is cooked. The fudgy texture of the warm brownie helps hold the crumbs together. Once it cools, the brownie loses some of its fudginess and the crumbs become looser.

Size of a Mug Brownie

Because the brownie is so rich and fudgy, the single serving size will be small– just like your typical brownie slice. This recipe will only rise about 2/3 of the way up in an 8 oz mug.

It was really hard to take a photo and show the brownie since it sits so low in the mug, so for photo purposes I doubled the recipe. I don’t recommend doubling the recipe when you make it though because it cooks more evenly as a single serving. If you plan on making more than one serving, it is better to make two individual brownies rather than a giant one.


I added chopped chocolate to the batter and on top so that there are melted chocolate pieces mixed in. You can use chocolate chips instead, but they won’t be as melty. The reason for using chopped chocolate is because it melts better. Chocolate chips are designed to not melt. I used Guittard dark chocolate for the chopped chocolate.

More Mug Cake Recipes

photo of a brownie mug cake

Fudgy Mug Brownie

Servings: 1
Prep Time: 4 minutes
Cook Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 5 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
A super fudgy brownie made in a mug and cooked in the microwave. This single serving dessert is ready in less than 5 minutes!
4.48 from 148 votes


  • 2 1/2 tbsp dutch process cocoa powder
  • 1 1/2 tbsp all purpose flour
  • 2 tbsp granulated white sugar
  • 2 tbsp oil canola, vegetable or olive oil
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1 1/2 tbsp chopped dark chocolate


  • In an 8 oz microwave-safe mug, add cocoa, flour and sugar. Whisk together with a mini whisk.
  • Add in oil and water. Whisk briskly until batter is smooth, making sure to break up any cocoa or flour lumps.
  • Add half the chocolate to the mug and briefly stir into batter. Sprinkle remaining chocolate on top of the batter.
  • Cook cake for about 40 seconds at full power. (I used a 1000 watt microwave. You may need to adjust time and/or power if you are using a different wattage.) Top of brownie should no longer be wet but may still be a little moist. Allow brownie to cool a few minutes and then eat the brownie while warm. 


  • Because the brownie is so rich and fudgy, the single serving size will be small-- just like your typical brownie slice. This recipe will only rise about 2/3 of the way in an 8 oz mug.
  • It was really hard to take a photo and show the brownie since it sits so low in the mug, so for photo purposes I doubled the recipe. I don't recommend doubling the recipe when you make it though because it cooks more evenly as a single serving. If you plan on making more than one serving, it is better to make two individual brownies rather than a giant one.
  • The crumb is looser than your typical brownie and you won't be able to take the brownie out of the mug in one piece. It really needs to be eaten with a spoon in the mug.
  • The reason the crumb is so loose is because I didn't use any egg in this recipe, which normally would act as a binding agent. I think it is too much of a hassle to try to use a fourth of an egg to make this mug brownie, so it's better to eliminate the egg altogether. If the loose texture really bothers you, you can can substitute 1 tbsp of water with 1 tbsp of whisked egg.
  • This mug cake is best eaten warm a few minutes after it is cooked. The fudgy texture of the warm brownie helps hold the crumbs together. Once it cools, the brownie loses some of its fudginess and the crumbs become looser.

The nutrition information provided are only estimates based on an online nutritional calculator. I am not a certified nutritionist. Please consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for accurate information and any dietary restrictions and concerns you may have.

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425 comments on “Fudgy Mug Brownie”

  1. This was so yummy and easy to make. I added pecans and used milk instead of water.

  2. Delicious! Just what my daughter and I needed today 🙂 I used Bob’s Red Mill GF flour blend, added a pinch of salt, some vanilla and an egg yolk, and it came out great. I agree that if you don’t like dark chocolate desserts you might not like this one – but I think it’s fantastic 🙂

  3. Delicious! Top it with some fresh strawberries and whip cream… yummy! 

  4. Loved it! Simple and delicious solution for a quick craving buster.

  5. Sadly this recipe did not work out for me at all 🙁 I followed the recipe exactly and it just did not form, it was still liquidy with a thin layer of oil at the top. I put it in for a little longer and it smelled burnt. Probably won’t be making this recipe anytime soon, the smell is still haunting me lol

    • You need to mix the batter really well – it sounds like the oil wasn’t fully incorporated.

    • it’s not a really good recipe, it just makes a bubbly liquid mess, I mixed it up well like the response to the other comment said but it still came out uncooked and with an ugly flavor.

      • We’re sorry you had trouble. Lots of readers have made and loved this recipe, so it sounds like, flavor-wise, that you might not like rich dark chocolate desserts. Some readers have tried using semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips to add more sweetness. As far as the texture, if the mug cake is not cooked all the way in the time suggested you might want to check your microwave wattage and/or the power level yours is set, too. We use a 1000 watt microwave at 100% power and the brownie cooks in about 40 seconds.

  6. Fabulous! Delicious and simple to make. Fun to eat raw as well. ?

  7. I enjoyed this very much, but I did make a few substitutions. I used coconut oil for the oil and Splenda brown sugar mix for the sweetener. I also added a little vanilla extract to punch up the flavor a bit. I needed to cook it a total of one minute. I think some people who cooked it 2 minutes or so are confused because it comes out very dark and shiny, but if you touch the center, it is done and does not need to cook any longer.

    This is more of a dense cake than a brownie since it lacks the chewiness and crusty top and edges I associate with an actual brownie.

  8. Easy recipe , but very cocoa forward and not any bit sweet. I used mini chocolate chips (semi sweet). I would reduce the cocoa next time because it was way too bitter. 

  9. super easy n delicious

  10. Five stars because I love this but it definitely did not turn out how it should’ve haha.
    I substituted almond flour which def could be the issue.
    I couldn’t get it to where it wasn’t batter consistency and there’s always a pool of oil on top.
    I have the right wattage for my microwave and I tried different oils, different mugs, checking it intermittently, cooking it longer. I’ve only gotten batter with an oil layer.
    I’m currently sitting here snacking on this so no complaints from me, just want to help with feedback. 

    • It was probably the almond flour – we haven’t tried that, but all-purpose flour and almond flour can’t be used interchangeably in the same amounts.

  11. Have you (or, have any readers) tried substituting granulated monkfruit with erythritol (or with allulose) for the sugar? And/ or almond or coconut “flour?”

  12. Super yummy!! Just what I was looking for, most of these quick mug brownies/cakes are too cakey for me. However, next time I think I’m going to substitute butter for the olive oil, just as it was a little too oil heavy for me and I could taste it more than I would have liked to.  

  13. Woo! That is CHOCOLATEY. Definitely the darkest chocolate brownie I’ve ever had. Kind of blew me away at first, but if you have a hankering for dark chocolate this will definitely knock it out. Also it’s totally possible I accidentally added too much cocoa LOL… and I did use dark chocolate chunks as well. But it satisfied my cravings. Consistency was a little strange, but this is my first mug brownie so maybe that’s normal. Next time, I’ll definitely have it with some vanilla ice cream! Super rich, not for the faint of heart, almost couldn’t finish it. Share it with a friend!

  14. Yum, yum yum! Subbed chocolate chips for walnuts and topped with whipped cream. Delicious!

  15. What wattage is your microwave?

  16. 10/10 perfect <3, i baked it for 2 minutes checking it gradually 

  17. I have a 1000 watt microwave. Used the exact ingredients.
     It was AWFUL. 

  18. It was good i used kinder bar chocolate instead and topped it with vanilla ice cream.It did have a weird aftertaste but the ice cream helped with that.If you have a microwaveable dish that’s smaller than a mug i’d use that instead.

  19. it was soaking wer and not cooking after like 2mins in my 1000w microwave so i gave up and tried to eat it but it turned rock hard after scooping it. i tried it again but only 40secs and it did the same thing. awful recipe

    • We’re sorry you had issues – it’s hard to say what happened! Hundreds of readers have made this recipe with success so it sounds like it might have been an issue with your microwave or the ingredients you used.

  20. We had to microwave for over two minutes and then it was dry. 
    At 40 seconds it was still complete batter, not even remotely brownie like. 

  21. It’s definitely rich and fudgey but I think it may be a little too rich and as a big fan of dark chocolate thats shocking, I think I’d use half the amount of cocoa if I make this again

  22. Tried this in a 350 oven for 6 minutes,came out lovely.It’s my first try and I was not disappointed.Will definitely be making more of these.

  23. Didnt work. Too stiff of a batter

    • The batter is thick but not so thick you can’t stir it. Are you sure you added the right amount of wet ingredients?

  24. I don’t know what happened with it weather I did it wrong but I just didn’t cook I put it in for almost triple the time and it barely did anything I will try again but I don’t think this is for me.

  25. This is the only mug cake recipe I know I can always count on to turn out well! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. 

  26. I’ve made many different mug cake recipes and this is by far the best I’ve found! So many recipes turn out spongy or dry, but this one was perfect. It’s  moist, rich, and so yummy! 

  27. What is the calorie count?
    Very good brownie btw.
    I would add less sugar next time though because it was really sweet.

    • We don’t have the nutritional info at this time, but there are a lot of free online calculators you can use.

  28. I’ve been making this almost every evening this past week! Really satisfies my chocolate craving. For those complaining about the bitterness, add salt! I actually mistakenly used 2 tbsps of cocoa instead of 2 1/2 and it still turned out fine. This recipe is a keeper for me. Wish I could find a chocolate chip mug cookie (with no egg!) that I like as much.

  29. It worked almost perfectly but I needed to put a little more water in. But is was delicious, fast and easy.

  30. This is a super quick and super yummy recipe. I added more sugar so that it could be a bit sweeter and milk instead of water and it was perfect.

  31. SO GOOD!!! Added 1tbls. butter and 1 tbls. oil instead of 2 tbls oil, added a little extra sugar, used milk instead of water and half milk chocolate. Baked in a ramekin for about 30 minutes at 325 degrees. BEST single serving brownie I’ve ever had! Next time I think I’ll try to original recipe to compare! 

  32. Great recipe! I’ve made it multiple times now and it’s always delicious. A few of my suggestions for people attempting this recipe: use a good dutch processed cocoa powder – I prefer Rodelle baking cocoa because it results in a really rich taste. I think people who claimed their brownie was bitter are probably using plain cocoa powder like Hershey’s and not dutch processed cocoa powder, which is specifically made to remove that cocoa bitterness. Additionally, if you want less oil, replacing one tablespoon with more water or even milk still results in a great brownie. Finally, I always add little coarse salt to the top before microwaving and that really takes it to the next level! ?

  33. My first exposure mug desserts, and it didn’t disappoint!  

  34. I tried this recipe the other day when no oven was available. I used butter instead of oil and since I made 3 cups, I used one egg (for all of them) instead of water.
    45 seconds was perfect. Turned out pretty good I would say. Next time I would probably use less sugar.

  35. It is very small and very much oil in it. I added som sugar to it.

    • It’s not supposed to be big, how small was yours? For the oil, are you sure you mixed the batter well, so it was absorbed? If your brownie was oily it might have not been mixed enough.

  36. I just found this dessert recipe and I LOVED IT. I did forget the chocolate chips but next time and there will be many next times add them. I would like to know how many calories in this one mug. You get a big YES vote from me on this one!!!? YUM

    • We’re so glad you enjoyed it! We don’t have the nutrition at this time, but you can copy/paste the ingredient amounts into a free online calculator to get that info.

  37. If the batter was dry and crumbly before you cooked it, you might have measured the ingredients wrong – it sounds like too much flour or other dry ingredient was added. This recipe has been made by lots of other readers who haven’t had this problem, so you might want to give it another try.

  38. Hundreds of readers have made and loved this recipe. Sounds like you might have made a mistake making the recipe –

  39. We’re sorry you had trouble with it! If it had a weird texture, it might have been overcooked. As far as flavor, it should be a very rich dark chocolate flavor which isn’t as sweet.

  40. Such a simple recipe! It is quite rich but a little bitter so I would maybe use milk chocolate next time, could also maybe do with a little salt. Definitely would be awesome with icecream!

  41. Sadly I didn’t like this recipe. There is a super bitter aftertaste and the texture is way too soft for a brownie or cake. 

    • Sounds like you don’t like dark chocolate which is more bitter than other kinds of chocolate. So you might like our Brownie Mug Cake which has some added sugar and is made with semisweet chocolate. . As far as the texture, it should be fudgy – if you over or under-cook the mug cake the texture will be different.

    • Super bitter and bad texture :/

  42. I’ve made it a few times and it always comes out great!!! The only change I would make is adding a little salt
    Thank you!<3

  43. The bownie is pretty good, i swapped out most of the oil for melted butter and the rest with chocolate spread, it kinda helped with the “crumblyness” i had the first time i made it. 9/10 i burned my mouth because i wasnt paying attention and spooked my cat

  44. This just didn’t work, like.. at all, i followed the recipe, not only was the batter really bitter, but fourty seconds in the microwave? it was still totally liquid. I tried cooking it a little longer, and it just got all bubbly and burnt before it was even really fully cooked. I’ve made mug cakes, brownies, cookies, pie, all sorts of things before, but this just wasn’t meant to be.

    • Do you know what wattage your microwave is? We use a 1000 watt microwave – if yours is different, the cooking time needs to be adjusted. As far as the bitterness, dark chocolate is bitter so it may be a matter of taste. Hundreds of readers have made this recipe and loved it.

      • I have an 1800W microwave and this turned out the same way as above. Liquid. And more time it turned bubbly and burnt.?

      • Are you sure you have an 1800 watt microwave? That’s a very high wattage usually only seen in commercial microwaves. It’s really hard to say what may be the issue – it should definitely not be liquidy. Are you sure you used the correct amounts for the ingredients? As mentioned, lots of people have made this recipe with success so not really sure why you are having issues with it.

  45. Turned out great! I replaced the water with some coffee I made earlier.

  46. Great flavour! I’ve tried a few mug cakes over the years but they always tasted terrible, this one works really well. Mine didn’t really have a brownie or cakey texture, itnwas almost like pudding – but I prob just ate it too quickly 🙂 or needed to cook it a little longer, but still a 5* recipe 

    • We’re glad you enjoyed it! The next time you try it, maybe cook it a little longer so you get that fudgy texture.

  47. I was craving a brownie but didn’t want to work too hard so decided to try this recipe and I’m so glad I did! It was so delicious and really hit the spot. Will definitely be making again! 

  48. I have made this recipe several times and it has always been amazing. I substitute stevia powder for one tbsp of sugar and use organic cane sugar for the other tbsp. I also add additional semi sweet chocolate chips or butterscotch morsels on top before I cook. This is in addition to the tblsp and a half I mix in. I cool mine for about 45 secs. Always amazing!! 

  49. First off, if your brownie didn’t turn out, don’t leave a bad review since just because something went wrong for you doesn’t mean the recipe is flawed! Try again! This was such a delicious treat! I used coconut oil which I’m sure wouldn’t change the recipe much but also used whole milk instead of water just for fun. After 40 seconds of cooking it was perfectly moist and fudgy and just what I needed to satisfy my chocolate craving! I think I’ll add a little salt next time just because of personal preference. What a delicious and super easy (with minimal ingredients) dessert!

  50. I swapped water for coconut milk, which I dont know if it completely ruined the recipe or not but, what turned out out of the recipe was definetly not a brownie more like a cake. It was very moist on the inside but pretty watery as well. The top wasn’t like a brownie’s top, it was as moist as the inside. I first went for 40 secs but did the toothpick test and it was not ready, did another 20 seconds to round it up to a minute and it was still watery even after i expanded the time. I expected for the top to be a little harder like a brownie’s top usually is but after all it was still pretty good but the fast that it was so watery ruined it for me.

    • The coconut milk will definitely change the texture of the brownies. Using water is key to the fudgy texture.

    • Hi, I have substituted oil for MCT Oil. I normally use light olive oil but ran out one evening and tried MCT and it too was amazing!

  51. Tastes good:)

  52. Was disgusting. Very dry and bitter, nothing like a fudge delicious brownie. 

    • If it was dry, you might have overcooked it or have a different wattage microwave (ours is 1000 watt) and would need to adjust the cook time.

  53. It exploded in my microwave and didn’t cook at all, I was left with a soupy mess

    • I rated it 3 stars because someone ate it and didn’t mind it much (my brother)

    • That’s strange! Hundreds of readers have made this recipe with no problem, so wondering what wattage your microwave is? Also, what size mug did you use? If the mug was too small, the batter will overflow.

  54. This was phenomenal! I did the recipe exactly as it’s written and it turned out so much better than expected! Excellent with some vanilla ice cream on top. I will be sharing this with all my friends. Thank you for putting in the work to make this just perfect!

  55. So I got a Dash Mini waffle maker. I made your recipe and added a little more water for the mini but it came out nice after 3 minutes. Thank you!

  56. That’s perfect thank you ?

  57. Hands down the best mug brownie I’ve ever tried. My absolute favourite. So rich, so gooey and just so good!!!!

  58. This is a really wonderful recipe!! Just keep in mind that it is extremely rich, and that’s coming from a dark chocolate lover. I would recommend using a lower percentage cocoa powder or even slightly less (though that may effect the end texture) as I had trouble finishing the whole portion.
    The texture was spot on!!

  59. Very good and very chocolate!1

  60. Love your recipes, being alone I cook small thanks

  61. Tasted the batter and immediately thought it would pair perfectly with raspberries! I added some frozen raspberries  instead of chocolate chips and topped with some more. Perfectly fudgey but on the dark chocolate side. I also added vanilla! Thank you for the perfect fudgey consistency!

  62. This is outstanding. I used raw cacao powder and white whole wheat flour, cut the sugar to 1.5 Tbsp, used the half peanut butter and half oil tip mentioned by another reviewer, and used semi-sweet chocolate chips because that’s what I had. It’s a delicious, fudgy, dark chocolate treat and definitely worth making again (unlike most mug cake recipes I’ve tried in the past)! Too “dark chocolate” for my kids, but I loved it.

  63. This is absolutely ? hands down the best recipe!!!

  64. It was pretty good but I’m still on the hunt for the very best fudgy mug brownie. It was a little bitter but it was perfectly moist, not so fudgy though. I added a dash of vanilla and did 2 tbsp of each ingredient and instead of water I used milk.

    • Did you use two tablespoons of flour? If you did, that will change the texture of the brownie – too much flour will make less fudgy.

  65. This is the first microwave mug brownie I’ll be coming back to. I’ve been having a craving and tried FOUR different recipes this week and was disappointed by all of them. I’m not sure what was different here because most mug cake recipes are very similar. Anyway, I cut the cocoa to 2 tbsp because I was afraid 2.5 would be too strong, and compensated by using 2 tbsp flour. Vanilla almond milk instead of water, and mixed all the chips in. Took 45 sec in my microwave and was really nice and fudgy! Added some vegan vanilla ice cream on top and was very satisfied. 

  66. Lovely most moist microwavable I’ve ever had added some salted caramel in the middle because I was feeling extra.

  67. I loved the result of this recipe. I could still fit an oversized scoop of vanilla ice cream and frozen raspberries on top, which turned out well! A couple days later, I wondered if I could replace a tablespoon of oil with peanut butter, and even that turned out well! Long live brownies and PB

  68. Mug cakes, my true love but for a long time I couldn’t find THE recipe that made my insides tingle. Then one night I was craving chocolate and desperately searched the web for a new brownie in a mug recipe, I personally think that it was a sign from god, our heavenly father, that I found your recipe because it made my insides tingle. I truly love it, the bitter chocolate ratio to the sugar made the perfect mix in my mouth. I almost cried when I saw the bottom of my mug and that’s how good it was. Truly I think you’re an amazing chef that would probably deserve a restaurant. I will defenitely be sharing this recipe with my family and my whole neighborhood. THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING RECIPE KIRBIE I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!! And I love you too *wink**wink*.

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment! We’re so glad you love this recipe – thanks for sharing it with your friends and family, too!

  69. Great idea. But two questions. For people who don’t have a microwave: can it be done in the oven also? And for people who can’t eat normal sugar especially in this amount as in the recipe like me, can you ditch the sugar without losing the consistency the brownie?

  70. I loved it! I used chopped Guittard milk chocolate chips and topped it with a scoop of ice cream. The darker chocolate taste was perfect with ice cream, but I could see how the brownie could be too bitter without it.

  71. I’ve tried quite a few brownie in a mug recipes in my day and I’m always left disappointed. In fact, after the last time I made one, I swore I would never make one again. But here I was tonight, once again it’s 9pm and I need some chocolate— I have to say, this one is pretty much good. I did cut the cocoa down to 2TSP and I used milk instead of water and the vegan chocolate chips I had on hand. Also, since go big or go home I melted a tiny bit of creamy peanut butter and added just a tad on top to cut the richness of the chocolate. All in all, it hit the spot. While I was eating it I wondered if it would be good with espresso powder mixed in? 

    • Love that you added some peanut butter! We haven’t tried espresso powder, but a little bit would enhance the chocolate flavor.

  72. with frozen rasberries on top oooooooo myyyyyyyyy *melts*?

  73. It didn’t come out very good. Too bitter. 🙁

  74. devine ? used half as much sugar.

  75. My sister loves this recipe a lot and always asks me to make it. it’s been about a year and a half sconce I shared this recipe with her

  76. really yummy but there was a very prominent cocoa flavour, so for those who don’t like much cocoa then ill suggest only adding half of the recipe

    anyways, was still great!

  77. We’re sorry you didn’t enjoy it.

  78. Would it rise if you added 1/8 tsp baking powder? I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but I’m going to, as I’m a bonafide chocoholic.

  79. This isn’t a Keto Brownie. It has flour and sugar??
    You should be ashamed of yourselves to call it Keto and mislead innocent dieters like me??

    • Nowhere in this post do we call it a keto brownie – we do all sorts of recipes on this site, including keto recipes, and we always clearly state when something is keto, low carb, gluten-free, etc. We do have a Keto Brownie Mug Cake that you might like to try.

      • lol you went to the wrong post and still screamed at someone else for your mistake … maybe stop the diet if it’s making you that cranky

    • How bout just don’t be stupid

  80. I didn’t have any chocolate chips or cocoa so I used hot cocoa mix. It worked great.

  81. This recipe was so good! The brownie was so fudgy and chewy!

  82. Looks and sounds great! Can you create a recipe for FOUR(or six) individual mugs/ servings? (Then you can include eggs too.) I’m a sharer and would like to make this for my family, rather than one mug at a time, but will try that if you can’t. Thanks!

  83. it just was not good at all. maybe it was cause i didn’t have the exact same cocoa powder but it just tasted way too strong from the cocoa powder

  84. My fiancé and I made this loads of times! Indulgent but doesn’t have as much calories. It’s the perfect dessert for a sweet tooth ?

  85. I couldn’t find the nutritian chart for this mug brownie. I would like to try it. Bit need info on carbs and protein. Thank you

    • We don’t have nutrition info for desserts at this time, but there are lots of free online calculators you can use!

  86. Super fudgy

  87. I switched the water for semi skimmed milk and the chocolate chunks for tsp of chocolate spread. It came out amazingly well.

  88. This is so fudgy and delightful! I reccommended this to all my friends thank you for this amazing recipe!

  89. I’m sure it’s a great recipe however when I made mine the chocolate powder taste was very prominent. As if you were eating it straight on its own. Again I probably did something wrong and I am sure this is a delicious recipe! 

    • Since we use dutch process cocoa and dark chocolate the cake has a more intense flavor. You could try using semisweet or milk chocolate instead – that would add more sweetness to balance the intensity of the cocoa powder.

  90. This is absolutely delightful! Thank You! 

  91. I like it! I used truvia and sugar free chocolate chips because I have diabetes. It’s yummy. I also cut the amount of cocoa in half, as someone else suggested and used whole milk. perfect!!

  92. So good I made 4 mugs for my family and they loved it

  93. Looks wonderful. Would this recipe work with almond flour instead of regular flour?

  94. Holy fudge balls.
    This was incredible. Needed a quick, heavy chocolate hit and a cuddle in a mug and this was perfect.

  95. Nice I really love it
    Think you for sharing your recipe

  96. How would you cook this in an oven, I don.t have a microwave

  97. Oh my fudgey goodness, this recipe came out perfectly. I put milk instead of water and used milk chocolate chips. Next time might use a little less cocoa powder because it was super chocolatey. Also wish it had an approximate count of calories 

  98. love ?? all your recipes Thanks so very much 

  99. I don’t know how everyone got this to work. It turned into pudding. Cooked it for 40 seconds: pudding, 1 min: pudding, 1 min 30 seconds: pudding. I don’t know what I did wrong. Tried it twice and it was the same both times.

    • Sounds like your microwave might have a different wattage? Either that or the ingredients weren’t measured correctly.

  100. Can i use melted butter instead of oil? If yes, what should be the quantity?

  101. Nicest mug brownie 

  102. Why don’t mug brownies use egg because none of the ones I looked at use one 

    • For our recipe, we eliminate the egg because you would only need a very small amount. It’s very hard to divide an egg so we just leave it out.

  103. I would love it if you adjusted your recipes to include metrics. We in Australia have not used imperial measurements for 50 years. It’s just a real pain trying to convert the measurements. Thankyou. ?

  104. I love how simple yummy it is

  105. Did you have the nutritional info on these? Sodium? Calories? Etc. Thanks!

    • We don’t have the nutritional info for this recipe, but there are lots of free online calculators that can you get that info.

  106. Oh no, no, no! I am in big trouble here, that was WAY too quick, easy, and sinfully delicious!

  107. I don’t have a microwave how are you cooking in the oven

  108. Amazing!! Any time I’m craving brownies but don’t want to make a whole pan, I come to this website!! 

  109. The brownie was burnt so it got really hard and It is not very sweet. But overall it is a pretty good brownie in a mug recipe

    • It sounds like you overcooked it. We use a 1000 watt microwave and cook the mug cake for about 40 seconds at full power. You may need to adjust time and/or power if you are using a different wattage.

  110. Love ?? 

  111. I have try Fudgy Mug Brownie. It was delicious. Thank you for sharing.

  112. So delicious! Very rich cream is great with it! 

  113. Oh my Lanta… Took a mommy break and made this

    This is was soooo goood! I used coconut sugar instead of white and cacao powder instead of Coco powder (pretty much the same thing but cacao powder is healthier) through about 1/4 of a cup of my coconut protein powder. Put some ice cream to top it off!

    Then used almond milk to wash it out was a nice “hot chocolate” two desserts in one. Definitely gonna make again! Absolutely brilliant!

  114. Very good! I added a pinch of salt. Yum!

    • I’m glad you liked it!

    • Didn’t work out for me. The texture is lacking as is the taste. This tastes nothing like a brownie.

      • We’re sorry you didn’t enjoy it. As mentioned in the post, it doesn’t have the exact same texture as a traditional brownie – we try to keep our mug cakes as easy to make as possible. We have lots of other Brownie Recipes you might like to try!

    • 40 sacconds isn’t enough! Mine was done in 5 minutes! Other than that, great recipe.

      • As we mention in the recipe, our mug cake recipes are tested with a 1000 watt microwave. You may need to adjust time and/or power if you are using a different wattage.

  115. bomb af! the second time i made it, a put a lil less cacoa powder and a lil more sugar, made it with not choccy chip and it was fine

  116. This recipe was super delicious and easy to make! It was defiantly one of the better mug brownies I have tried! I topped it with some vanilla ice cream and it was even better. Super rich, fudgy, and chocolate-filled! Loved it 

  117. This was the first ever fudgy brownie for the microwave I made – it was, in fact, the first such recipe I even WANTED to make. Turned out great. Almost too good to be true, only it isn’t. I used regular choc chips and added a splash of vanilla. Microwaved it 50 seconds in my 900W microwave oven. Many thanks for the recipe. So quick and easy to whip up, with hardly any cleaning up to do.

  118. Hi Kirbie! First off, thank you so so much for creating such a delicious recipe! I’m a college student and currently live in a dorm, but due to COVID-19 restrictions the dining hall has some pretty odd hours so this is a life saver. I love being able to do my readings and take a 5 min break to get some food, and this definitely hits the spot after a late night cram session!

  119. so rich i couldnt even finish it. definately will satisfy a chocolate craving..

  120. So good and quick.

  121. it’s a bit bitter maybe a little bit less cocoa powder or sweetened cocoa powder but over all it was good and to balance it out you might need an ice cream scoop

    • I prefer my chocolate to be slightly bitter, but you can definitely add more sugar if it wasn’t sweet enough for you

  122. really good but i wish i put more sugar!! i’m gonna try again tomorrow 🙂 

  123. This recipe did not work. It ended up being very chunky and wet. It did smell nice though.

  124. How many calories is this? Great recipe by the way xx

  125. This brownie truly is fudgy and rich just as stated! I was craving something sweet but without having to go through the hassle of baking or spending money. It was a super simple recipe to follow and it came out delicious. I had it with ice cream! I definitely recommend, thank you for this recipe!  

  126. There was no lie – it is extremely rich and dark. I topped it with caramel sauce and salt. It was so yummy!! Perfect recipe to share with someone because of the richness. I agree with what another user said on this post – you’ll have a stomachache if you eat the whole thing!

    • I haven’t had a stomachache from eating it by myself before but definitely you can share. I’m glad you are enjoying it

  127. Too sweet and rich for me, but can see why others like it

  128. This was so good! I added a little bit of ground coffee when mixing the dry ingredients mm mmm. The only thing I was confused about while measuring was if it’s supposed to be Tablespoon or teaspoon , I know it said tbsp (I was taught at pastry school that if Tablespoon it should be capitalized -Tbsp vs tblsp. And teaspoon is always lowercase) other than second guessing myself if I made way too much, it wouldn’t matter anyway because it’s so good I wouldn’t mind having the extra haha! Thank you! 

  129. I loved this recipe so much, it was perfectly gooey and not too sweet! I did taste the olive oil, which wasn’t the best, but apart from that, really good!

    • you can try with canola or vegetable next time for a more neutral flavor. Olive oil does have a stronger flavor but some people like tasting olive oil in desserts.

  130. It was pretty good, but I would recommend NOT using really rich chocolate chips and using milk chocolate ones. It was incredibly rich, so I also would recommend halving the recipe. It would you a stomachache if you were to eat the whole thing, but it’s REALLY good. Thanks Kirbie!

  131. Oh my goodness where has this recipe been all my life! I’ve spent literal years making failed mug brownies (al come out cakey or dry or dense) and was near giving up altogether. The prospect of a warm, gooey brownie for one is too enticing though which is what brought me to this recipe. This is the one!! So chocolatey and melts in my mouth. I topped it with some melted chocolate and I’m loving every bite. Thank you!! 

  132. If you have any doubts…don’t. It’s literally so soft and so chewy to almost melts in your mouth. I’ve done 30 seconds because my microwave is 1100 watts, and it’s amazing how even if you don’t cook it for long enough you won’t get poisoned because there are no eggs in the recipe. L0ve it!

  133. Um wow. So it’s veryyyyyy rich. I just had one and it feels like I’ve had a meal aha. Very very good for a mug cake though. Do feel a bit sick to be honest. the chocolate chunks (not chips) make it good. Would recommend if you like rich goey brownies.

  134. This was definitely the best brownie mug recipe I’ve ever tried! I put it in the microwave for only 30s for that extra gooey ness and it was perfect! The only problem I would say is that I wouldn’t use olive oil as when I did I could taste it whilst eating the brownie which wasn’t pleasant but overall it was amazing!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t had issues tasting the olive oil. It may be because you only cooked it for 30 seconds. If you cooked it longer, I’m guessing the olive oil flavor would be less noticeable.

  135. This was so good! I was worried about the sweetness but it wasn’t too sweet. I used this recipe to the T with 1 square of my fave Whittakers 50% dark Plum & Roasted almond . My oven can only go to 900Watt so I did it for 50secs which was perfect. Moist, fudge, dark and comforting. I topped it off with scoop of Vanilla

  136. THIS WAS AMAZING!!! I absolutely love this recipe! I usually make mug cakes since no one else in my family wants cake, but they usually don’t come out very well. But this one is incredible! I really enjoyed the richness of the brownie and I adore the chocolate bits in it. Wonderful! 

  137. One of the best mug recipes I’ve made!! I doubled it for hubby and I. I used the biggest mug I had and added 30 seconds onto the cook time. So yummy!!

  138. Best Brownie mug cake ever, i saved the recipe! and its delicious i added on top nuttela and i added chocolate chip before putting it in the microwave because i rlly like double chocolate it melted and i rlly liked it!

  139. Very delicious, fudgy and chewy. Absolutely loved it with melted dark chocolate chunks on top.

  140. Just made this, it tasted fantastic!! My other half loved it as well. The recipe is being added to our list of quick easy puddings to make.

    I made hers with milk chocolate drops, as she isn’t so keen on dark chocolate. Mine was a mixture of a few milk choc drops and mainly dark choccy with chilli and was great.

  141. If you are craving chocolate this is perfect. used chocolate chips instead and had to cook it for longer but still turned out great along with a glass of milk!

  142. Love it

  143. Love your brownie recipe. A lot simpler than others on the internet.

    for all the people who want to try it out, try it. totally worth it.

  145. Kirbie’s mug brownie is the only one I make! It is the perfect serving size, the perfect amount of chocolatey and fudginess

  146. Wow!! I really loved it!??
    You explained very well and understandable.

  147. this is literally the best brownie that i’ve ever had and no bakery will top it. my microwave wasn’t working so i put it in the oven for like 15-20 minutes at 350°F. this is perfect if you love fudgy brownies instead of cakey. wow this is so good i still haven’t recovered. 

  148. Amazing recipe but how many calories is it?

  149. Omg !!!
    The cake soooooooo fudgy and gooey but I would use powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar cuz the sugar didn’t mix well but the recipe was delicious and also I would love it with a little bit less chocolate chunks cuz it’s a bit too sweet for me
    Otherwise it was a blast
    Thank you

  150. this is the best thing i’ve EVER eaten!!! if you’re debating whether you should make it or not… DO IT!!! made this approx 15 times during quarantine oops?

  151. a good mug brownie, here are my notes:

    – if you’re having a chocolate craving, this is wonderful for that, but i suggest making half the recipe, since the full amount is quite a lot. but this is coming from a teen, so there would be differences there.
    – this brownie is very fudgy, and it still feels quite batter-y even after its cooked. if you’re looking for a brownie that will rise a little, and is more airy, this probably isn’t the one for you. but if you’re looking for a SUPER fudgy brownie, try this one!
    – if you halve the recipe, start with 30 seconds in the microwave, and add intervals of 10-15 seconds if needed.
    – a scoop of ice cream on top compliments this brownie very well 🙂
    – you don’t need to add in the chocolate chunks if you don’t have them or if you don’t want to, just leave them out, no changes need to be made.
    – the photo on this page looks very similar to what it actually looks like, thanks for that!
    – add more / less sugar depending on your personal preferences. personally, i think the amount of sugar is perfect.
    – every time i’ve made this, the finished product is still really batter like and ‘smooshy’, it doesn’t hold its shape very well. i like to add a little extra flour just so it can hold its shape a little better, and so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating batter (although that’s pretty yummy too ;).

    thanks for this recipe! it’s quick and easy to make, and definitely satisfies a craving. 

  152. Just made but swapped the flour for almond flour for a more low carb option. Delicious! Will definitely be my go to for cravings.

  153. OH MY GOSH,
    This brownie is so rich and feels like I’m in a dream. I’ve been looking for a microwave brownie that isn’t so dry and cakey. This is the one. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  154. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Thank you to Pinterest for showing me this recipe! After soooo many brownie mug attempts that just wouldn’t cook right, didn’t taste right, etc., here we have the MOST perfect brownie-in-a-mug I could have ever dreamt of. This is a Ghirardelli mug brownie! So good! Will definitely make more, especially since I have a huge sweet tooth. 🙂 Thank you!!!

  155. I haven’t tried this yet but was wondering if it would work without tje chocolate chips or chinks?

  156. This was so good! I used part dark chocolate cocoa powder and part regular. And used chocolate chips, it came out looking just like the photo and was fudgy and decadent. Thanks for the recipe, will be using it often in the future!

  157. Oh GOD this hit the spot REAL GOOD. Had a foodgasm upon the first spoonful. Never looking up another mug cake recipe again. This is it. The only tweak I made was that I used peanut butter chips instead of dark chocolate because I did not have the latter.

  158. Sorry I’ve been scrolling up and down looking for the nutrition information but just can’t seem to find it! – how many calories is in this? Anyway I made it last night and it was delish! Perfect for a mug brownie albeit a little bit dry so next time I’ll add a little more oil/water

  159. Came across this recipe while I was pregnant, looking for quick and easy way to satisfy my chocolate craving. I’ve made it a sinful amount of times since, and it delivers every time! I substitute the water with full cream milk and add a tablespoon more to make it less pasty.
    Love it! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  160. It was great overall! The texture was great and it was super fudgy! But I will say that it was slightly bitter. I would recommend replacing the dark chocolate with milk chocolate and using milk instead of water, but overall it tasted great!

  161. It’s a great recipe. I love tje taste too

  162. Absolutely amazing… reluctant to try mug cakes and especially brownies because they’re usually rubbish but saw the picture and thought no way can this be horrible… it did not disappoint.
    Now it is in my recipe book to use indefinitely. Thank you so much for this recipe x

  163. My go to recipe :))

  164. Can I leave out the cocoa powder and just use chocolate?

    • No, cocoa powder and chocolate will yield very different results for the brownie texture

      • Ooo this was so good and exactly what I needed today !! I used 1 tbsp granulated sugar and 1 teaspoon splendid, and served with some ice cream and a dollop of peanut butter – delicious!

        Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe!

      • That sounds so good!

  165. The most perfect mug brownie I have ever made!!! If you love fudgey intense chocolate brownies, this is exactly what you’re looking for. I doubled the portion thinking I really needed it (I am pregnant and was DESPERATE for chocolate) and after a few bites I learned that one would have definitely been enough. It is so rich in the best way. I also love you don’t have to deal with measuring out a part of a beaten egg which I always find annoying with mug things. I never need to look at a different mug brownie recipe again. Thank you!!!

  166. Simply perfect! The texture is amazing, but I cook it for 60 sec.

  167. Amazing!!!!

  168. Question: I haven’t tried this recipe yet— but would love to! I’m Keto and was wondering if almond flour could be substituted in place of the white flour along with monk fruit sweetener instead of sugar and sugar free choc? Same measurements?

  169. I made this for the first time tonight, and it was delicious! SO complained that it wasn’t sweet enough for his taste, but as a dark chocolate lover, I thought it was perfect. I will definitely make it again! Not needing to find milk or eggs for this mug brownie is very convenient, and all the ingredients mix together quite easily.

  170. This is by far the best brownie in a mug I’ve tried ! The only problem I have with every mug dessert is the flour doesn’t get cooked enough but it’s baked in a microwave so it’s to be expected !

  171. Hi 
    Can i avoid cocoa powder and directly use the flour and the other ingredients? I would like a plain vanilla flavour. 

  172. It is easy to make and delicious .

  173. I’ve tried a few other mug brownie recipes before, but none of them came out as good as this one! The brownie was super fudgy and decadent – it was almost too rich for me to finish in one sitting, so I might try halving the recipe next time. Also topped it with some vanilla ice cream which was delish!! Highly recommend, especially if you’re stuck indoors and craving chocolate!

  174. I didn’t have any chocolate, so I only used cocoa powder, but the recipe came out really well. I’d recommend topping it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel – yum!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    • Just made this brownie! I had quite the chocolate craving, and ended up doubling the recipe. I substituted chopped dark chocolate for a combo of semisweet/milk chocolate chips, milk instead of water, and generic cocoa powder instead of Dutch. I also added an extra tablespoon of oil and milk, considering I was using a 12000 watt microwave that tends to dry things out. I blasted it for about 95 seconds and it came out perfect! At first the texture was kind of off, but after letting it set the brownie became nice and fudgy! This is a wonderful recipe, and it definitely allows room for freedom. Thank you for sharing, definitely my new go-to brownie recipe!

  175. I’m so confused… I’ve made this before and it came out perfect. Made it today and it came out super wet. Wet enough that I poured liquid out of it. Wonder what I did wrong?

    • I’m not sure, especially since you made it before with no issues. The recipe has not changed. My guess would be that you just omitted an ingredient or part of an ingredient, maybe measured tsp instead of tbsp for the flour or cocoa powder?

    • Super tasty:D..I use milk and butter+oil(1+1 tbsp) and healthify it using some wheat flour(1 tbsp of 1.5 total tbsp) and jaggery(instead of sugar.
      And still so incredibly delicious.
      My go to.
      Thank you so much:D

  176. Very good, but needs a few drops of vanilla extract.

  177. I just tried this recipe and I felt that sugar was a little less other than that the texture and everything else was great. Took me just 10 to 15 min to make it.

    Lots of loved from Pakistan

  178. Best brownie I’ve had, better than oven ones

  179. Stop literally everything you are doing and make this brownie recipe. I am quite new to the mug dessert scene but college baking for one is hard with all the leftovers and this was the quick fix I needed. I added about 3 tablespoons of milk to mine after I found the two tablespoons of water a little two dry. Actual perfection.

  180. i was worried at first that it would be to floury by tasting the batter but then i heated it up and then i put chocolate chips (i didn’t use chocolate chunks at all just chips) on top and then put it in for another 10 seconds and it’s really good! i feel like it’s missing something though. i think it would be better with ice cream on top but i didn’t have any at the time. overall i think it was good though!

  181. Yummmy! I made this but was having a *strong* chocolate craving so I doubled the recipe and used my biggest mug. Also, I mistook the dark chocolate pieces for dark chocolate powder. This probably made mine a bit drier. I also swapped out the water for milk. Microwaved it for 1min 40 sec and it was still raw microwaved it again for 1min 30ish seconds and it was HOT and perhaps overdone. Still it was tasty and had I followed the recipe closer I’m sure it would have been even tastier! 

  182. I don’t know what I did wrong. Followed all the measurements ( and had to cook for nearly two minutes as it was still raw after 40 seconds.) it just tasted like straight up wet unsweetened cocoa powder. Nasty 🙁

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not quite sure where your recipe went wrong but 2 minutes sounds like it is far too long cooking time.

  183. Oh wow, when people said this was the best they have tried they where not lying!
    Super good! !10/10 I ate mine with some egg liqueur.

  184. This is my go-to recipe when I need a chocolate fix NOW. I’ve tried various mug desserts, but this one really knocks it out of the park. The texture is heavenly. My favorite thing is that I can use a single 1/2 tbsp measure to put the whole thing together – I even stir mine with the measuring spoon. You can’t beat how easy this is and how amazing it tastes. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!

  185. Yeah this thing is insane….especially with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top? Perfect study food. It also just tastes like heaven.

  186. Ive tried numerous mug brownie recipes and always thrown them away after a couple of spoons because they were too bland and cakey, this is the only one that’s ever worked for me and it tastes amazing! thanks for the recipe.

  187. It tasted great, followed the directions however mine came out as like brownie pudding so I dont know if I messed up or what but the brownie pudding tasted great!!