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Cali Dumpling Delivery

Cali Dumpling is a delivery service that launched recently and delivers frozen handmade dumplings to San Diego (as well as Las Vegas, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Jose).

I was very excited when I read about this new company because they partnered with the owners of Mama Lu’s Dumpling Houses in San Gabriel Valley. We first discovered Mama Lu’s ten years ago and have been back many times since to dine and buy their frozen dumplings.

The delivery charge is a flat fee of $10 which I found to be very reasonable especially if it means saving me a drive to LA and back. The menu includes a variety of different dumplings including jiaozi, pan-fried, wontons and xiao long bao.

While the service only launched about a month ago, we’ve already ordered a few times.

The dumplings are individually frozen and the cooking instructions are on the front of each bag.

My favorites have been the pork & chive and napa, pork & shrimp dumplings. The dumpling skins have a good amount of thickness so that there is a little bit of chew to them. They are generously filled and the filling is very juicy too.

Mr. K likes the pork pan fried dumplings and Shanghai style pork and shrimp wontons.

Currently Cali Dumpling Delivery delivers to San Diego on Mondays (North County) and Wednesdays (South County). After you place your order, they send you an email with what day they will be delivering to you. The one caveat is that you do need to be home to accept the delivery. The frozen dumplings are not delivered with ice or anything to keep the dumplings frozen so the delivery driver can’t just drop it off at the door.



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2 comments on “Cali Dumpling Delivery”

  1. Thanks for posting about Cali Dumpling Delivery! I have been curious about it, but wasn’t curious enough to try it.

    • I hope you try them out! I like the dumplings they are delivering more than any option in SD. I’m hoping they will continue even after all this is over so that I don’t have to drive to LA for my dumpling fix.

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