Corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I look forward to St. Patrick's Day because it's the only time of year that corned beef is on sale.  I love corned beef.  I'm not sure why.  There's something about this salty, fatty meat, mixed with potatoes and cabbage that is really addicting.

I make corned beef the traditional way: boiled with potatoes and cabbage.  I like how the cabbage and potatoes absorb the corn beef juices. 


It seems no matter how big of a piece of meat I buy, it disappears so quickly. I wish it would last longer, since it takes so long to make.

Corned Beef with potatoes and cabbage


1. Fill a large pot with water, enough to cover the corned beef.  When you open your package of corned beef, be sure to pour the juices inside the package into the pot of water.  Also, take the package of seasoning that usually accompanies the corn beef, and open it up and put it in with the pot of water as well.

2. Cook the corned beef at a medium boil.  I usually will have the lid half on to keep the water level from getting too low.  The cooking time is approximately 1 hour for each pound of corn beef.  Mine was four pounds, so I cooked it for almost four hours. 

3. About half an hour before the corned beef is done, add potatoes (I usually keep them as big chunks like a stew, cutting each potato into quarters).  About fifteen minutes before corn beef is done, add in cabbage.

7 comments on “Corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. I hate to be that person…but its “corned beef” not “corn beef”. Corned refers to the brining process the meat undergoes.

  2. Eeek. I’ve been saying and writing it wrong all this time?? I can’t believe I didn’t realize my mistake. How embarrassing. Thanks for correcting me!

  3. hi kirbie
    growing up filipino, i’ve only had CANNED CORNED BEEF (we make ours with tomatoes, onions, peas and potatoes). yes, caned. sad but true. so deprived. only recently have i had actual corned beef, like a real slab of meat that was brined, etc. by the way, hooley’s in rancho san diego makes great corned beef tacos.

  4. oops, i meant ‘canned’ not ‘caned’.
    i is a college student.

  5. hehe. Boyfriend has told me similar stories. He grew up eating the canned stuff too. Now he buys the actual corned beef and asks me to make it for him. Corned beef tacos sounds yummy!

  6. my original post said “corn beef” heh

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