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Heart shaped moffles

I bought a Heart Waffle Iron. Not that I really need one, but I love the idea of heart shaped waffles. Everything tastes better in pretty shapes.

So I decided to try out my heart waffle iron by making moffles. I’ve made moffles before. You can read about them here. Moffles are a japanese treat combining mochi in a waffle iron. Rather than sticking to the waffle iron, these mochi pieces melt and spread out to look like waffles. The exterior is crispy and non-sticky and the inside is chewy.

The type of mochi used for moffles can be purchased at japanese markets. They are hard until heated and are usually individually wrapped and are pre-cut into individual sized squares. Here is a picture I took a while ago:

By themselves, the moffles don’t have much of a taste. They remind me of rice cakes. I like eating them plain but you can also add something to sweeten them like sweetened anko beans or perhaps some nutella spread. BF didn’t like the taste of these, so I drizzled some chocolate on his. You can also use add cheese or something savory.

To make the moffles, you simply put one mochi square into the middle of your waffle iron. I didn’t grease my waffle iron beforehand and had no problem removing the moffle. The moffle will slowly begin to spread. You can’t follow the timer or ready signal on your waffle iron. Instead, you just have to kind of guess. The moffle should spread to a thin layer. When it seems like it is done spreading (i.e. the moffle looks opaque rather than having  solid white mochi chunks still), that is when it is done.

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4 comments on “Heart shaped moffles”

  1. Wow, that’s really cool! I’ve never heard of moffles so I read your previous post on it. Definitely sounds interesting, and I’d love to try it if I ever buy a waffle iron (or borrow one haha). The heart shape is really cute! Did the mochi spread out through the whole iron? Your previous post said it only spread out 2/3 of the iron.

    • No it didn’t spred all the way. It spread about 1/2. This waffle iron is wider/bigger than my other waffle iron. I was able to form about 2 1/2 hearts with one block of mochi. I think if you like mochi, you’d like moffles. =)

  2. that is so cute! i’m so glad i found your site because I LOVE mochi 🙂

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