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5-Minute Mug Cake Book Retailers

If you’ve enjoyed my mug cake recipes, I recently wrote an entire book full of delicious and easy mug cake recipes. The book contains many brand new, never before published recipes!

You can purchase 5-Minute Mug Cakes from almost all the major bookstores and online retailers in the U.S. (it is also sold in many other countries and is being translated into some other languages too). You can search via the ISBN number to see if your local bookstore or favorite online book retailer carries it: ISBN: 978-1937994983. Here are some popular online retailers that carry it:

Thank you for your support!

Book By The Numbers

95: The number of written recipes in the book. There are also additional suggestions for other variations to some of the mug cakes, so you really have more than 100 recipes to choose from. I originally wrote 100 recipes for the book, but we ended up adding in fun toppings, frostings and decorations and in order to fit those all in, we cut out a few recipes.

515: The number of mug cakes I made in writing this book. For each recipe, I went through 3 to 7 variations in order to determine the best one. I tasted them all (I spared my taste testers with only the best versions).

70: The number of new recipes I created for the book. Some of them will be shared on the blog but many will remain exclusive to the book. Some of the new recipes include: flourless Nutella cake, Hostess cupcake, dulce de leche cake, Thai tea cake, mimosa cake, just to name a few.

14: The number of chapters the recipes are divided into so that all your cravings are covered. I’ve got breakfast ones, holiday ones, cookie mug cakes and even savory mug cakes.

100: The number of cakes I remade the last two weeks before I turned in the final book draft because I had to triple check that they were all correct. I cooked about 10 a day and made myself and Mr. K try each one. I was feeling ill by the end of those two weeks from all the sugar. Mr. K’s taste buds also got all out of whack. At one point he said “I taste olive oil” and it was a Bailey’s cake…

Other Fun Additions

Special Sections– I’ve got special sections for dietary restrictions like a 200 calories or less chapter and a gluten-free chapter. I also have a 4 ingredients or less chapter.

Grams!– I’m constantly being asked to convert recipes into grams and all the recipes in this book have measurements in both tablespoons/cups and grams/ounces.

Ingredients and Kitchen Tools– Whether you’re wondering if you can substitute an ingredient, want to know why my recipe uses baking soda instead of baking powder, or need more information on mug cake tools, I’ve written introduction chapters that explain the common ingredients used in my recipes as well as the recommended tools for making the perfect mug cake.

Photos and Food Styling

Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck with my boring photos. The publishing company hired a professional photographer and a food stylist, so you’ll see many new pretty photos in this book. And they really did photo the recipes as written. Sometimes you hear about food stylists using fake ingredients or other tricks to create certain shots, but these pictures are of my actual recipes.