July 4th Fruit Ice Champagne Cocktails

Fruit puree ice cubes shaped like stars are added to champagne or sparkling wine for an easy and festive July 4th cocktail.

Vegan Gummy Fruit Snacks

These homemade vegan gummy fruit snack use agar powder instead of gelatin. They are easy to make with just agar and fruit juice.

Snyder’s of Hanover® Wholey Cheese!

I recently tried out Wholey Cheese! Crackers, a new product from Snyder’s of Hanover®. These crispy baked gluten-free cheese crackers are made with real cheese and come in three flavors: Smoked Gouda, Mild Cheddar,...

3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake Mix Mug Cake

This single serving chocolate mug cake uses cake mix and cooks in the microwave in just one minute. No need for eggs, oil, or having to make an entire cake.

Common Theory Public House

Common Theory recently celebrated their three year anniversary and debuted several new menu items including ramen burgers, deep fried brioche ice cream and much more.

Sushi Donuts

Homemade sushi donuts with step-by-step photos! Recently I made my own sushi donuts, inspired by the popular food trend.

Little Hot Pot

Conveyor Belt Hot Pot! Little Hot Pot is a Chinese hot pot restaurant in Fremont that serves ingredients via a rotating conveyor belt for their all-you-can-eat buffet.

Avocado Smoothie Bowls

Avocado smoothie bowls are great for breakfast or an afternoon snack. These green smoothie bowls are made with just avocado, coconut milk and honey.

Rosé Sangria Ice Pops

Rosé sangria in ice pop form. This pink popsicle consists of rosé wine sweetened with simple syrup and filled with fresh fruit.

Bang Bang Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are coated in panko bread crumbs, baked until crispy and then drizzled with bang bang sauce. Bang Bang Brussels Sprouts make a delicious appetizer or side dish.