Soy sauce eggs

I love soy sauce eggs and tea leaf eggs.  But both of them take a long time to make, so I don’t normally make them.  Whenever I go home, my mom always has them prepared and always cooks a batch for me to bring home.  These are the eggs she made for me on my last trip home.

You can eat them for breakfast or cut them into slices and serve them with porridge.  A lot of chinese markets have them ready made, but I think they are too salty.

I think the best tasting soy sauce eggs is cooked in the sauce left after making soy sauce chicken. It gives the sauce a richer taste.  However, you can just make the eggs without making the chicken.  I meant to get the recipe from my mom, but I haven’t had the chance.  However, I did find this recipe from Use Real Butter that appears to be similar to the one my mom uses. Though I think my mom uses a five spice package in hers.  If I ever get the recipe from her, I’ll add it to this post.

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  1. One of my Chinese friends also taught me how to make the sauce for these eggs. Soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, that was it.

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