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Starburst Minis and a Giveaway

If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m a candy fiend. I can’t go one day without ending a meal with some candy and I am obsessed with trying new candy. Recently, I was contacted about a new product by Wrigley’s: Starburst Minis.

Everything in mini form is cute right? So I was excited to see my classic Starburst turned into minis. The Starburst Minis come in two sizes: stand-up resealable pouches, and share size pouches. Currently, they are only available in the original flavors.

Look how cute they are!

Without the wrappers, they reminded me a little of eating skittles. I love the miniature form and they still taste the same, though it’s a little dangerous because not these are even easier to pop in your mouth without the wrappers.

I’m hoping they will eventually come out with mini versions of the other flavors.

Now onto the giveaway. I didn’t want this to just be a product review, so I asked if I could do a giveaway as well. One lucky reader will receive 2 Minis tank tops and a personal stash of Starburst Minis. I will choose a winner using Please note, this contest is only open to US residents.

Giveaway rules: Contest runs through Thursday August 8, 2013 at 11:59 pm PST. To enter, leave a comment at the end of this post, telling me what you think is the best way to eat Starburst Minis. I need some ideas! Good luck!


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48 comments on “Starburst Minis and a Giveaway”

  1. Haha, I think the best way to eat them would be to see how many minis you can fit in your mouth and then make a huge glob of them all as you chew. Summer fun time :p

  2. The best way to eat them is one by one so you can get the full flavor of each enjoyable little morsel…yum.

  3. I’d actually use them tucked/stuffed inside cookies, it would be nice surprise to come across in a sugar cookie and the warmth from the cookies would make them into soft and gooey goodness! You could make the cookie a bit crunchy so that you get a great bite contrast between the crunchy cookie and the chewy soft starburst.

  4. BEST way to eat mini starbursts? I’d say eat at least 20 in one sitting… hahaha. i LOVE starburst. perhaps a yogurt topping? or… maybe a cupcake topper for a mini cupcake? it could be taken w/ a morning vitamin? πŸ™‚ a square full of sugar ALWAYS helps the medicine go down… πŸ˜€

    thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Straight up!

  6. I’m not sure how good it melts, but I would experiment fruity cupcakes with minis in the batter. Chop up the minis in smaller chunks and mix it in the cupcake batter and bake. I like Nicole’s idea about rolling them into fondant texture. πŸ™‚

  7. I’d try them in pancakes and hope they melt some by the time the pancake is finished.

  8. The best way to eat them is to mix the minis with some popcorn for a salty and sweet snack while watching a movie!

  9. The best way to eat mini Starbursts would be by the handful in massive droves…not going to lie, but I’m addicted to Starbursts in any shape or form!

  10. I would definitely like to top my frozen yogurt with some of these!

  11. I haven’t tried these yet, but I’d probably do what I do with the regular sized ones – separate by flavor and proceed to eat one from each pile until it’s gone – lol.

  12. Eat them two at a time like skittles!

  13. I think they would taste awesome on top of ice cream!

  14. These are awesome, maybe I could eat the tiny ones with my braces;)

  15. Mine is having to get rid of all the lemon ones since I don’t like them. Then cherry next, strawberry after and orange for last since that is my favorite flavor.

  16. Individually wrapped is better only because it takes longer to eat too many. I would like to take one of each color as a reward for staying on task each day. More if I just deserve it πŸ™‚

  17. Starburst vodka! I also like eating the pink one and yellow one together so it tastes like strawberry lemonade.

  18. Eat them with popcorn and chips while watching movies.

  19. Very cute. Maybe you could come up with a cookie recipe.

  20. I sort them by color and then eat up one color at a time.

  21. Eat each starburst slowly to savor the flavor by letting it melt in your mouth πŸ˜€

  22. These look so cute! I bet they’d be great as a pick-me-up as is. Otherwise it could be fun to use them as decorations, or for ice cream sundaes!

  23. The best way to eat Starburst Minis is on the beach!

  24. They actually look like they might be a cute cupcake topper.

  25. They’re so cute! I would use them on ice cream like gummy bears haha. Or just eat them straight!

  26. They remind me of Skittles as well. I like this idea. I grew up on Now & Laters but Starburst is chewier & juicer so you eat more of them, quicker. πŸ˜‰ I’d love to see this mini version in Very Berry or Tropical. Great, now I’m getting a craving for the hard to find Flavor Morph Starburst!

  27. By the handful?? Haha. Maybe they’re be good on top of sorbet…

  28. Maybe roll them out to create some sort of decoration similar to fondant on top of a cupcake? πŸ™‚

  29. Put them in Altoids box and eat them While you’re driving or in the theater. or decorate the on a cake because they’re so cute and adorable.

  30. I would eat them while playing on the computer. Of course, they are delicious any time of the day (or night).

  31. I love starburst – especially the pink ones. I think it would be fun to drop a few onto a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

  32. I want to put these at the bottom of a glass of gin and soda and see what happens!

  33. I would say the best way is to fish out all of the pink ones first and eat them – haha!

  34. The best way to eat them is with your kids, when they are little and get them as a reward for doing something good.

  35. These are so cute! I’d just pop a few in my mouth and call it a day. They might be good melted down and turned into a frosting though, too…

  36. I LOVE Starburst. Th best way to eat them is to put 4 in your mouth and let dissolve so you get all the fruity taste.

    I hope I win.

    Thanks Kirbie.