Facing East Noodle & Bar

facing-east-noodle-bar-4Facing East Noodle & Bar softly opened recently. While the menu is a mix of Asian fusion, what really caught my attention was the offering of several kinds of soup dumplings ranging from the classic pork xiao long bao, to a black squid ink truffle version and a five variety version with different colored dumpling skins.

I was a little overwhelmed when looking through the menu. They offer a variety of milk tea drinks, milkshakes, rice dishes, noodle dishes, appetizers, dumplings, and even street tacos!

Black Truffle Xiao Long Bao
While I’ve had black truffle pork soup dumplings before, I’ve never seen ones quite like these. They use squid ink to achieve the shocking black color for the skin. I’ve been pretty disappointed with the xiao long bao offerings in San Diego, but I actually enjoyed these. The skin was thin and pliable. There was ample pork soup inside each dumpling. The flavor of the pork broth was a little plain, but that’s actually how I prefer it. I did find the truffle flavor to be very light, but overall these were pretty good.

Five Guys Xiao Long Bao


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