These last few weeks I’ve been obsessed with working on our house. I guess it’s all the Spring cleaning fever in the air.

I’ve mainly set more goals of things I want to do, but I figure if I continue to update my progress on my blog, I might actually get some of them done.

Some of these goals include finally finishing unpacking everything in the garage and cleaning it up, getting a glass protector for our dining table, reorganizing the master bath closet, buying a display cabinet for the nice crystal we got as wedding presents, and planting new flowers in the front yard.

We’ve been quite busy this month, but I did manage to accomplish a few new improvements.

We finally hung up all the canvas prints for our living room wall.

I also bought a heavy duty storage shelf to organize all of my recipe photo props. All the different plates, serving boards, etc, are arranged in a way that I can easily see them all and choose what I want.

And of course, my mugs have their own dedicated shelf.

In the master bathroom, we upgraded our laundry hampers to these nice looking woven ones with lids.

Extraordinary Desserts is one of my favorite dessert places in San Diego, and I’ve shared quite a few posts from previous visits. On Sundays, they offer a European-style buffet brunch, something I had been interested in trying out for a long time but never got around to it. Well, we were recently invited in to try it, and so my opportunity finally came.

For $22 per person, you can help yourself to the spread of pastries, cheese, fruit, bread, and more set out along the bar counter. If you’re not in the mood for all you can eat, they do also offer a full brunch menu you can order from, but we chose to stick to the European buffet spread.

I tried to sneak in a quick few photos of most of the main items before it got too crowded.

There was yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, smoked salmon, roasted turkey breast, gourmet cheeses, bread, homemade jams, and an assortment of pastries.

Crispy skin chicken thighs are baked until tender in a lemon, garlic and herb broth. This makes a tasty, comforting weeknight dinner.

I learned something new this weekend. Finding a package of bone-in, skin-on, chicken thighs is actually quite hard.

I recently had the biggest craving for crispy skin chicken thighs. And so I went to go buy a package. But after four stores, I gave up and just bought leg quarters. I was able to find bags of wings, drumsticks, chicken breast, chicken tenders, boneless skinless chicken thighs, but no regular chicken thighs. Is no one eating them anymore? Or is this a San Diego thing, since people like to eat really healthy here?