One of the foods I was most looking forward to trying on my New Orleans trip were po’ boys. Well, I got my wish, sampling about 8 different ones during my stay.

My first stop was Mahony’s, home to to two award winning po’ boys.

The Peacemaker

Each sandwich comes in regular or large sizes. We chose to order the regular, which set us back $14.95. I was a little surprised by the high price, especially considering the origin of the sandwiches. Fresh French bread is piled high with lettuce, tomatoes,fried oysters, bacon and cheese. It’s definitely packed with flavor, but didn’t quite live up to the price.

These crispy green beans are loaded with garlic flavor. It’s a popular dish at Chinese restaurants, which you can make in your own home.

We’ve been obsessed with garlic green beans recently. After our most recent taste of them from the famous Din Tai Fung, I found myself taking a closer examination of the dish.

When green beans are stir fried, they are quite crispy and maintain their bright green color, much like the garlic green bean dish served at restaurants. However the restaurant version is also wrinkly, which is an indication that they are being fried. A popular Sichuan Chinese bean dish utilizes the dry fry method, where beans are cooked until wrinkly and wilted in a shallow amount of oil. Usually the dry fried beans are soft and tender and turn a yellow green color because they are cooked so long. The one we’ve been eating at restaurants though, are still a vibrant green.

Here’s a photo from the ones at DTF:

After several test rounds, I finally achieved ones I thought to be as tasty as the ones at Din Tai Fung and other Chinese restaurants.

Regents Pizzeria, which serves New York-style and Chicago-style pizza, recently moved into a new space. They are still in the same plaza, but are now right across the parking lot with a bigger space, more pizza ovens and an expanded menu that includes 30 craft beers on tap.

While it’s been quite a few years since I blogged about Regents, we come here for slices or whole pies of their New York-style pizza quite frequently. It’s one of the few restaurants in the La Jolla/UTC area that I enjoy eating at and one of three in San Diego that I think makes good New York-style pizza. I had been wanting to check out their new space, and before I got a chance to, I was invited in for a visit.

In addition to the 30 beers on tap, they also serve cask conditioned beer.

We started our lunch with a beer sampler. I love that the small pours are served on a pizza peel.

Bacon Plate