During my last trip up to the Bay Area, I visited Icebox, a dessert shop offering ice cream sandwiches and shaved ice.

What especially drew me in were the pretty macaron shells for their macaron ice cream sandwiches and large selection of ice cream flavors including Asian flavors like ube and Thai tea.

We happened to visit during their one year anniversary celebration, so there were a lot of balloons and giveaways happening.

Birthday Macaron with Ube Ice Cream, Choco-Coco Macaron with Thai Tea Ice Cream

Carrots are spiralized, tossed with a simple herb and cheese blend and then roasted for a few minutes to create a very simple and delicious vegetable dish.

Here is my latest spiralized vegetable creation. I’m obsessed with rainbow carrots and I really like how they look all mixed together like this. The carrots were easy to spiralize, though they don’t come out in as long of strands as the zucchini and cucumbers. Some come out in long strands and some come out in short curls, but the curls are quite pretty.

This microwave flourless peanut butter cookie makes an easy single serving dessert. Serve the warm cookie with ice cream for a deep dish cookie quick fix.

I can’t believe it’s September. Over the weekend I was melting in the heat and now the weather has gotten cooler, the daylight hours shorter, and it’s been cloudy too. Oh summer, I’m definitely going to miss you.