Table No. 10

We had a very good meal at Table No. 10 earlier this year and I’ve been wanting to return again. So last weekend, we had a dinner there and also did some catching up with some friends. Unfortunately, we were in a very dark corner of the restaurant so the photos didn’t come out so well.

Red Velvet Smoke 

On our first visit, we tried a cocktail for 2 involving dry ice called the Flux Capacitor. We really enjoyed the drink and so we were interested in a new one added to the menu, Velvet Smoke.

Made with dry ice, the beaker came out bubbling. Unfortunately, it was too dark for me to capture it. I did manage to get one semi-decent photo when my camera took in the light  from one of my dinner companion’s camera.

The drink had a blackberry puree base that made it look like red velvet. It was smooth and strong, with hints of smoke, but I preferred the Flux Capacitor we tried last time.

Scallop, Pork Belly, Sunchoke, Coconut Cream, Natural Reduction

On our previous visit, this was our favorite dish. I had to have it again, and I was pleased to find it tasted exactly the same. The pork belly was moist and tender, the scallops plump and sweet.

Robuchon Potatoes

I was really excited to see this new addition to the menu. I’ve had Joel Robuchon’s famous potatoes before once at The Mansion in Las Vegas. They are like no other mashed potatoes I’ve ever tasted.

Red velvet cake is one of my favorite cake flavors and I’m so happy I was able to create a mug cake version which looks so red and cheery, matching the holiday season.

The flavor of red velvet is so hard to describe–I’ve heard everything from red colored chocolate cake to cherry flavored cake. For my cookbook, I researched red velvet extensively, from its origins to the essential ingredients and what each one does to help create that magical red velvet flavor.

I also tasted more than a dozen different red velvet cupcakes from different bakeries. Such hard work, right?

Can you believe Christmas is only a week away? Before things became crazy busy, I came up with the bright idea of hosting a Christmas dinner in our new home. Now it’s a week away and I haven’t even begun to plan the menu.

Hopefully it’ll all work out. Maybe I’ll make red velvet mug cakes for dessert. Ever since my book was released people keep expecting me to show up at their homes with mug cakes. As if I’m Mary Poppins and can just magically pull them out of my bag. One of these days, I am thinking of having a mug cake party though.

Trader Joe’s December Fearless Flyer came out recently and of course I had to make my way over to try out their newest featured items. Here is what I ended up getting:

Triple Ginger Brew

If you enjoy your ginger ale with an extra ginger kick, this is for you. I loved how much ginger flavor is packed in here. It really burns as you are swallowing! I love the packaging too. Despite the appearance, it’s not beer. It’s a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage with a lot of ginger added to it.

Macarons des Fetes

I enjoy the macarons at Trader Joe’s. They are cheaper than the ones sold at bakeries and have a decent flavor and texture. I especially like eating them straight out of the freezer. If you wait until they completely thaw, the shells are a bit too soft for my liking. For the holidays, they created a box with flavors like gingerbread and pear cinnamon.