Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza recently opened its newest location, this one inside Genessee Plaza (directly across from the Balboa Mesa plaza that houses the new 85C Bakery and Cafe, Chicken Charlie’s and Boudin). Interestingly, the plaza across the street also houses another popular custom-built pizza chain, Pieology.

You may recall, I previously visited the Blaze Pizza at the Carlsbad Outlets, and out of all the custom-built pizza chains that have opened in San Diego in the last year (and I’ve tried nearly all of them), my favorite has been the Blaze chain, which is why I was excited that they were opening one closer to me.

Both signature pies and build your own pies are priced at $7.95. One of the things I really like about Blaze is that they offer a white sauce and a spicy red, which most of the other chains don’t have (usually your choices are red or no sauce). There’s a good amount of toppings to choose from (about 22), including half a dozen different cheeses.

The last few years, Mr. K and I have developed a tradition of doing a practice turkey run-through before Thanksgiving.

So this past Sunday –being the last Sunday before Thanksgiving– we spent most of the afternoon filling our kitchen with wonderful Thanksgiving smells. We made a deep fried turkey with a few changes from last year. I also made stuffing for the first time (not in the turkey, but as a separate side dish you can enjoy with the turkey). I think this is the best way to eat stuffing because you can control how moist it gets.

We had some amazing BBQ in Nashville, and one of our favorite stops was Jack’s Bar-B-Que. It was so good, we actually went back right before our flight so we could get some for our trip home.

Jack’s serves a variety of smoked meat and BBQ styles including Texas brisket, St. Louis ribs, Tennessee pork shoulder, smoked turkey and chicken, and more.

For $15.99 you could get a plate with 3 meats, two vegetable sides and two slices of cornbread. I know it doesn’t look like, but it was enough food for two. The meat is quite filling.

Our favorite was the Tennessee pork shoulder. The slow cooked pork had a wonderful smokey flavor to it and was so tender and moist. Most of the pulled pork I’ve had in San Diego is drenched in sauce, but this was served without any and it really didn’t need it.