We used to visit Oceanaire several times a year, but with so many new restaurants opening, it’s been awhile since we’ve been back. We were recently invited in for a meal and it was great to revisit and see some of the new menu changes.

We were given a trio of their most popular appetizers to start: crab cake, shrimp and grits, and scallop ceviche

The shrimp and grits is a new item. The grits were bold and cheesy, and paired with jumbo shrimp.

The crab cake here, hands down, has always been my favorite. Succulent large chunks of crab meat are held together by the barest amount of creamy buttermilk batter. I’ve been so spoiled by how much crab is in the crab cakes here that everyone else’s version tastes bready  and dry in comparison.

The scallop ceviche is based on the seasonal scallops currently available and you could really taste the freshness.

Frost Me Cupcakes (winner on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars), recently opened a store in Seaport Village. I previously visited their kiosk at UTC mall and really enjoyed the cupcakes, so when we were in Seaport Village this weekend, I decided to stop by their main storefront.

The interior of the shop is quaint and cute. In addition to their signature cupcakes, they also serve coffee for those who want to enjoy their cupcakes at the store.

When I went to New York City last year, we tried the cookies from Momofuku’s Milk Bar, which I really enjoyed–especially the corn cookies. These giant cookies are chewy, sweet, with just a subtle corn flavor.

I love anything corn (cornflakes, creamed corn, cornbread, etc), so these really spoke to me. I’ve been wanting to make them for a long time, but never got around to it until now. Most of Christina Tosi’s recipes served at the Milk Bar are available on their website and their cookbook, and this is one of the easier ones, though it does need some preparation ahead of time.