Grilled cheese sandwiches are kicked up a notch with the addition of pepperoni slices, mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce, creating pizza grilled cheese sandwiches.

It was a cloudy day in San Diego today, perfect weather for these pizza grilled cheese sandwiches. Does anyone else feel like their energy level is significantly influenced by the weather? For me, sunny days mean I’m hopping with energy, but cloudy days sap all the strength out of me and I just want to curl into bed.

So, obviously we’re taking a slight break from the healthy recipes. It’s all about balance right? I don’t feel too guilty because at least I’m keeping up some other resolutions. Okay maybe just one other. But that’s better than nothing.

Dickey’s BBQ Pit, a Texas-based BBQ chain, recently opened in the Genessee Plaza, next to the also fairly new Blaze Pizza. If you’ve been paying attention, there’s been a slew of new restaurant openings in the Genessee Plaza and the Balboa Mesa Plaza across the street.

I had my doubts about eating at a BBQ chain, but my favorite BBQ in San Diego, Coop’s, is a little far of a drive, so I’m always on the lookout to try to find something closer. Since they had just opened and were running different grand opening specials every day, there was a little bit of a line, but it moved pretty fairly fast.

You order at the counter and your order makes its way down the assembly line. Once you reach the register to pay, your food is there waiting for you, and then you can grab any open seating. One of the perks of dining in is that they have a complimentary soft serve vanilla ice cream machine.

3 Meat Plate

To get a better sense of the different offerings, we chose a 3 meat plate. For our three meats we chose ribs, brisket and jalapeno cheddar sausage.

This skinny chocolate ice cream mug cake is only 3 ingredients and about 180 calories. It’s the perfect little sweet treat.

I’ve shared this recipe on the blog before, but I thought it was time for a reminder, especially with so many people trying to eat healthier to start the new year.

I mentioned earlier last week that I planned on doing some serious baking this past weekend. Well it didn’t happen. I was out all Saturday and I spent Sunday afternoon curled up in bed catching up on my TV shows. One of our shopping trips on Saturday included a stop to Sur La Table, and while I was browsing for kitchen supplies, Mr. K was getting a demo of the Nespresso machine. Does anyone own one? I’ve seen them around and watched the commercials on tv, but after the demo I was super impressed.