Dumpling Hut recently opened in the Convoy area. The restaurant makes all their own dumplings in-house.

I’m always on the search for good dumplings in San Diego and went in hoping for the best. Despite only being open a few weeks, the restaurant was completely packed. Luckily, we were able to snag one small open table.

Things didn’t get off to a good start. We were given menus but could not get anyone’s attention to take our order, even as we watched people arriving after us have their orders taken. There was no air conditioning and the restaurant was extremely warm and stuffy. After about 20 minutes of trying to get someone’s attention, we finally were able to place our order.

Pork and Napa Dumplings

The first to arrive were the boiled dumplings. The thick skins definitely tasted homemade. They had a good chew and thickness to them that I liked. The filling itself was okay, but nothing particularly special. Still, I found the dumplings skins here far better than any of the other ones in San Diego.

Tianjin Special Egg Pancake

This low carb version of a tuna melt sandwich makes a deliciously easy and colorful lunch.

I love colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. I’m definitely very influenced by colors and will eat more of certain things just because I like the color. Take these mini bell peppers. Green is good and all, but throw in yellow, red and orange into the mix and I can’t resist buying and eating them all.

I’m still impatiently waiting for the tomatoes in my garden to ripen. I bought about 8 different varieties, so I’m hoping for a beautiful selection. But just like that phrase “a watched pot never boils,” I think the same applies to tomatoes. Everyday I go and look at my tomatoes and they show no sign of progress.

These melted hard candy shot glasses are the perfect fun party treat for July 4th.

This short week has me completed distracted. The long weekend can’t come soon enough. I’m pretty excited to share these candy shot glasses with you today though. I really love how they turned out. Not only are they cool to look at, but they hold liquid really well.