This creamy, single serving avocado macaroni and cheese is made with a microwave and in a mug. It’s ready in less than 5 minutes, for a nice warm meal.

The current weather has left me feeling conflicted. During the day, it’s hot enough that I’m still eating ice cream. But once the sun sets, the weather cools considerably, and I feel myself craving something warm and hearty. Like this macaroni and cheese. (And if you’re wondering why avocado macaroni and cheese, it’s because I bought this mug this weekend that is the color of avocado flesh.)

Lindt Hello Collection

Lindt, one of my favorite chocolate companies, recently had a national launch of their Hello collection (it was previously only available in limited stores).

I was offered a few complimentary samples, which didn’t last long. I’ve shared my love for Lindt on this blog before. I love their truffles and chocolate bars. I’ve visited their outlet in Orange County. If I ever go to Switzerland, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up like Roger Federer in that commercial where he is going through airport security and his bag is completely filled with Lindt chocolates. (A situation I can completely relate to considering how many strange looks and thorough bag screenings I’ve gotten for bringing back food when coming back from my travels.)

And while I’ve always enjoyed the taste of their chocolate, this time I also really enjoy the packaging. Each flavor of the Hello collection has a different conversation starter. It’s like the chocolates are talking to me!

Beijing City, owned by the former owners of Spicy City, recently opened.

After reading about it on Faye’s blog, I had a sudden wave of nostalgia and wanted to visit. Sure enough, when we entered, I immediately recognized the familiar faces of the owner and one of the waitresses.

Despite its name, the menu seemed very similar to what was offered at Spicy City, with dishes more from Sichuan cuisine rather than Beijing cuisine.

Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife dish is a cold Sichuan appetizer. In the US, it’s usually made up of slices of tripe and beef, tossed with chili oil, cilantro and garlic. This used to be one of our favorites from the former Spicy City, so of course we had to revisit it. While I liked the ratio of tripe and beef, I found the garlic overwhelming. It was the only thing we could taste.

Spicy Tofu Fish

Fish fillet and tofu are cooked in a chili oil broth. It actually was not as spicy as it looked.