These flourless gluten-free cookies are ultra chewy and just five ingredients. Even though they are flourless, they taste just like regular, thin and chewy chocolate chip cookies with a hint of almond.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to make these. I’ve been missing out!  I love thin and chewy cookies and these definitely deliver.

I realized something this weekend as I was making these cookies and Mr. K was working in the garden. Unwashed dishes are like weeds. Every time you think you’re done, more pop up. We are always endlessly washing dishes. Mr. K jokes that I need an assistant whose sole job is to wash all the dishes from the messes I create when I cook or bake. That actually is a really nice idea because cleaning up is definitely my least favorite part.

Artisan Bento opened a few months ago in Banker’s Hill, specializing in healthy gourmet bento boxes using local and seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant space is fairly small, with a few tables inside and a bar area, and a few more table options outside.

The menu offers bento boxes, bowls, bao buns and some small bites.

Here are some of the options in their display case:

Chicken Meatball & Edamame Bao Buns

This French toast grilled cheese sandwich makes a delicious breakfast: thick slices of French toast, melted cheese and crispy bacon. And some syrup to tie it all together.

As you can tell, I’m on a French toast kick. After making my French toast pull apart muffins, about half a dozen other French toast recipes popped into my head. I immediately had to go out to buy more bread.

So I don’t usually like to rant too much about personal things on the blog, but I feel the need to vent a little. I’m not a fan of HOA’s. I hope I’m not offending anyone. I understand it in theory, but I hate having to pay a fee every month and then having my property policed. And every time I get a notice, it’s for something small and in my opinion, none of their business and not something that would “bring down the property value of the community.”