This macaroni and cheese in a mug is ready in less than 5 minutes. It makes a quick, easy meal for one.

While Fall may be just around the corner, we’ve been experiencing the hottest weather of the summer so far in San Diego. As a result, there hasn’t been much cooking or baking happening in the kitchen.

The Noble Chef recently underwent a huge makeover (as I first read about on mmm-yoso!!!) It used to be a cheap, casual Chinese restaurant that specialized mainly in noodle and rice dishes. It has now been remodeled, with a new menu that aims for more high-end Chinese dining. We were in the neighborhood and decided to check out the new changes.

Even though I had been forewarned, I still wasn’t prepared for just how nice it was inside. No more are the worn, sticky tables. Instead, they have been replaced with faux black marble tabletops. The restaurant looked sleek and modern. At the entrance, there is a glass case displaying roasted ducks (which did seem out of place in the nice setting). Upon entering, a well-dressed server immediately greeted and seated us.

The menu is a bit of a shock as well. While almost everything had been under $10 before, now almost all the dishes are $10+. They even offer live seafood and pre-set group meals.

The service was much more attentive and nicer than the typical Chinese restaurant experience.

Garlic String Beans

Hong Kong Egg Waffles (sometimes referred to as egg puffs, eggettes or bubble waffles) is a popular street dish. The sweet, waffle-like batter is cooked in a special mold. The end result is a waffle with crisp edges and soft oval “eggs” or “bubbles” which can be easily broken off for snacking.