broccoli-grilled-cheese-verticalThis low carb, gluten free broccoli “bread” is derived from my broccoli pizza crust and works wonderfully for grilled cheese sandwiches. The combination of melted cheddar cheese and broccoli reminds me of my childhood. It is also a great way to get some extra servings of vegetables in your body too.

moniker-general-3Moniker General is a retail store, brewery and coffee bar located in Liberty Station. The spacious place has plenty of room for lounging and drinking coffee, shopping for various home goods, and they also serve craft beer.

We wandered over after our brunch at the new location of Breakfast Republic and immediately loved the airy space.

I have some news to share. My second cookbook, Dump Cakes from Scratch, releases today! When I published my first cookbook, it was a dream come true. And to think that now I have a second cookbook, well it still feels completely surreal.
I received my author copies of the books in the mail on Friday and I’m so thrilled to see the final product. The photos, the colors– everything just came together so wonderfully. And there’s my name in the corner of the book! Squeal!
Dump Cakes have been around for decades, though they’ve recently become very popular again. The desserts are called dump cakes because you “dump” ingredients into a pan and bake. There is no need to mix batter beforehand, eliminating a lot of the usual preparation and reducing the amount of clean-up after. Classic dump cakes are usually made with boxed cake mix, canned fruit, canned pie filling and butter. The ingredients create a cobbler-like dessert that is quite delicious, especially when served warm with some ice cream and sauces. It’s the perfect easy dessert to serve at a party, take to a potluck, or make for your family and it’s so easy that even your kids can help.

What makes this cookbook different is that I’ve written a series of recipes allowing you to make dump cakes from scratch, using homemade cake mixes, fresh fruit fillings, etc. They are still easy but also healthier than traditional dump cakes. And the recipes are all versatile enough that you can still use boxed cake mix, canned fruit filling, etc, if desired.