Lawrence Plaza Korean Food Court

Lawrence Plaza Korean Food Court
3561 El Camino Real

Santa Clara
, CA 95051

Happy 2010 everyone! I hope everyone had a good holiday. I spent much of the holidays busy eating as much as possible.  I have so many food experiences to share with you, I don’t quite know where to start!

So during Thanksgiving weekend, Baby Bro went out to eat with some friends and visited the Korean food court.  He came back raving about it and even brought back a sample of the soy bean sauce noodles.(zazang mian or jajiang mian), which was pretty tasty.

I got a chance to check it out last week.  The food court is pretty big. It took over a former CompUSA.  I wish San Diego had such a large food court.  There is frozen yogurt, korean shaved ice, sushi, bbq, noodles, etc, in the food court.  The prices are not that cheap.  It’s about the same as eating in a restaurant, but the variety you get to experience is pretty fun.

I went around and browsed a bunch of the stands.  I really wanted to have lunch there but there was no time!  Too many things planned to eat, too little time! Baby Bro and I got some stuff to go for our traditional midnight snack on New Year’s eve.

Of course when browsing, I was immediately drawn to the dessert

I was really tempted to get some gelato. I love  green tea gelato.  I also wanted to try the shaved ice.  But there was no one to share the shaved ice with and I knew I was going somewhere else for gelato later in the day, so I didn’t get any here.

This is where Baby Bro got the soy bean noodles from last time.  We got two orders to go.  I’m used to the chinese version of this but after having the korean version, I like the korean one better.

The sauce is mainly onions and some shrimp and potatoes.

Here’s a picture of it mixed together for our midnight snack.  (This isn’t all the noodles and sauce.  Just a small portion.)

We also stopped by Dishes, which had a lot of nice looking lunch combos.

A bunch of the dishes were on display.  Each meal comes with a free soda or one of those small yogurt drinks.

I really wanted to get the bibimbop, but it I didn’t know how it would taste getting it to go.  The owner was so friendly that I ended up getting an order.

Here it is half eaten:

There were a lot of mushrooms, eggplant, and other vegetables.  The rice wasn’t crispy anymore, but still tasted pretty good.

It also came with soup, kimchee, and these yummy beans. The beans are sweet and a bit on the hard side.

While the food is not amazing, it’s above average and the quantities are pretty big.  It’s a nice place to stop for lunch or when hanging out with some friends.

6 comments on “Lawrence Plaza Korean Food Court”

  1. Happy New Yr Kirbie! Wonderful post and pics. I also wish we had something like that here in SD. Zion just doesn’t cut it and their parking situation is horrible.
    For that Dishes restaurant, were those food props real or fake (made out of wax)? Some look real and some look fake so I wasn’t quite sure.

  2. Happy New Year, Kirbie! Looks like some good eats at that food court.

  3. I believe all the food is real and wrapped in ceram wrap.
    You get free tea in little plastic cups if you eat there too! The owner of Dishes is really nice!

  4. Happy New Year Faye! I really wish we had food courts here in SD. I think the food was all real. I didn’t study all of them, but the ones I looked at were all real.

  5. I loved the jajiang mian. I’ve never really had the korean one before. I could eat it everyday.

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