Taiwan trip Part 4

Continuing to share with you Baby Bro’s Girlfriend’s winter trip to Taiwan, here are some more photos. You can also read part 1, 2 and 3.

Here is a brunch she had. I love the cute box the brunch came in! She a pork cutlet lunch set:

Here’s a cute decoration from the restaurant:

Here is a quick shot of her stop at the XinMenDing night market for stinky tofu. Apparently BBG doesn’t spend a lot of time at night markets when she is in Taiwan. It’s too bad because night market food is so delicious. It is always one of the highlights of my trips:


Here is a picture of the soy sauce braised meat with rice:

After the big wedding reception for her sister, there was another smaller reception held with her father’s coworkers at Tang Bistro in Jhubei:

Onto the food! Assorted cold appetizers which are always the first course in a chinese banquet.

Pork soup dumpling, aka xiao long bao:

Some more yummy looking dishes:

Dessert consisted of fruit platter:

Black sesame soup:

Sweet pastry filled with red bean. The pastry is thin and flaky and fried. Inside is usually red bean paste. On the side there is some ground up sweetened peanut paste:

2 comments on “Taiwan trip Part 4”

  1. Everything there looks so delicious. Unfortunately I am hungry for Asian food right now so I am drooling over all of these dishes. Maybe tomorrow….

  2. Man I miss Taiwan and Taiwanese food..

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