Brioche bread

After successfully making bubble brioche rolls, I decided to make a brioche loaf so I could make some sandwiches and French toast.

I used the same recipe I used last time. I tried to make two loaves, but the bread didn’t rise much after the refrigeration, so my loaves aren’t as big as I wanted. I’ve enjoyed this recipe, but I think I want to check out some others.  If anyone has a good brioche recipe, please let me know!

I am also thinking of testing out one that doesn’t require refrigerating the dough overnight, just because I don’t like preparing a recipe so far ahead of time.

6 comments on “Brioche bread”

  1. yum!! i haven’t tried making bread yet, but brioche is really good and one of the breads i hardly see in taipei

    • There’s so much fresh bread in Taiwan, I guess there isn’t so much of an incentive to make it. But brioche might be a good one to try. It’s easy to mix up, you just need patience while it proofs.

  2. It’s so satisfying baking your own brioche loaf. Looking good!! YUM!

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