Bacon Scotch Eggs

Everyone’s already given up on their New Year’s resolution to be healthy and lose weight right? Because I made a recipe this weekend that is really delicious, but also not very good for you.

Last year, when I created my bacon fried eggs, several people commented that it reminded them of Scotch eggs. I had never heard of or seen scotch eggs, so I immediately researched it. Scotch eggs are basically cooked eggs covered in a layer of sausage and deep fried. Yum.

So this weekend I set about making scotch eggs for the first time. But I added my evil twist on it, by covering the scotch eggs in bacon before frying them. Because bacon makes everything better. And because no one wants to choose between bacon and sausage. Right? I know I hate making that decisions at breakfast places.

These took a little more work than the bacon fried eggs but they were really good. I mean what’s not to like? It’s bacon, eggs and sausages, deep fried!

If you really are sticking to your New Year’s resolution, you could replace the sausage with turkey sausage and bake these instead of frying. I think it will be delicious too. Here’s a baked version from my friend CC of Pink Candles of Ridgemont High.

Bacon Scotch Eggs


1 package/tube of ground sausage meat
6 large eggs
6 strips of precooked bacon
1 1/2 cups of breadcrumbs
additional egg for coating bread crumbs



1. In a small sauce, bring eggs to a boil and cook until they are cooked to medium. I use this egg timer
which has been super useful.
2. Drain water and let eggs cool in a cold water bath. When eggs are cool enough to touch, carefully peel off shells.
3. Take a large chunk of ground sausage meat and wrap around egg until the egg is fully covered in a thin layer of sausage.
4. Take precooked bacon strips (I buy the ones available at Costco) and chop in food processor until they are chopped into very small pieces.
5. Beat additional egg in small bowl. In a separate bowl, combine bacon and breadcrumbs. Take one egg, dip in egg, then dip in breadcrumb coating. Repeat again with egg and then breadcrumbs. I find that it helps to use your hand to scoop some breadcrumbs directly onto the eggs to get more crumbs to stick.
6. Heat frying pan to medium-high heat and fill with enough oil deep enough for frying. Drop in eggs one at a time and fry until golden brown all around. Repeat with remaining eggs. Slice eggs in half to make sure sausage is fully cooked. If not, place back into fryer. The remaining inside sausage should cook much faster once sliced open without burning the exterior. Serve while warm.

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9 comments on “Bacon Scotch Eggs”

  1. Ooh, i like how you added bacon to this! Nice! We had a scotch egg at Shakespeare’s for tea. it was huge, well, the meat surrounding the egg was so thick. I like this thinner version better. I also made it at home and baked it instead of frying it. at the tea place, they served the scotch egg with HP Sauce, which you can get (cheaper) at Fresh and Easy for $2.99.

    oh yeah, if you haven’t done so, youtube the scotch egg video! it’s hilarious!

    • I have not seen the scotch egg video. I’ll do it tonight after work! Yeah I thought thinner sausage would be better. It’s already quite unhealthy. I think I’ll do baking next time. It may be easier to cook the sausage all the way through.

  2. I’ve always wanted to try a scotch egg-they look soooo delicious! perfect picnic food it seems, as well! 🙂

  3. here’s the link to my old post:

    unfortunately, the store that i reference in the post, north park produce in chula vista has shut down. i was also trying to emulate how shakespeare’s did their scotch egg – they seemed to use a lot of meat for just one egg, but i pared it down a bit.

  4. Yummy!! I’m so hungry for it. Give it to me now. Lolz. :). I’m so excited to get this delicious recipe here. I’ll must try this tomorrow. Looking for more recipe here. Thanks!

  5. This looks like a delicious recipe I must try….only question; should I bake, fry or both?? 😉

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