Snow Monster

My obsession with snow ice makes me feel compelled to try every place that pops up serving snow ice. I’m lucky that DH is equally a big fan of snow ice.

After my post on Snow Station in Orange County a few months ago, several people suggested I try Snow Monster, which is just a few streets away from Snow Station.


One thing that immediately stood out about Snow Monster is that in addition to serving snow ice, they also serve ice cream macaron sandwiches, belgian waffles and ice cream cookie sandwiches.

We were perusing our options on the written board when the employee at the front helpfully launched into an introduction of their shop, the options and popular snow ice flavors.

After we sat down to wait for our desserts, DH noticed this sign.

The service here was definitely so friendly and welcome.

I also like that they emphasize it’s Taiwanese snow ice. With so many places popping up serving snow ice beyond the Taiwanese cafes, the origins have gotten lost. A lot of fans of snow ice have no idea where it came from and I’ve seen some stores who claim they invented snow ice.

As a quick review for those who don’t know, snow ice is fluffier than regular shaved ice. It’s made with blocks of ice mixed with milk or condensed milk, creating a much fluffier texture that shaves out like layered ribbons, and melts a lot slower too. It tastes much more like ice cream than ice.

Taro and Mango Snow Ice

The helpful employee informed us that taro and mango are their most popular flavors, so we stuck with those. For our toppings we chose strawberries and coconut jelly. You also get a choice of syrup and we chose the traditional condensed milk.

The ice was sweet and soft. It was about on par with the texture at Snow Station, though perhaps Snow Station’s is a tiny bit softer. It’s hard to tell without a side by side comparison. I felt the mango flavor was a little too artificial for me.

Green Tea Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Of course I couldn’t resist a macaron ice cream sandwich. I chose vanilla ice cream to go with the macaron. The macaron had just the right amount of chew and tasted delicious with the ice cream. I was a little turned off by the very artificial dark green. I wish they had made it without food coloring.

We wanted to try the ice cream cookie sandwiches but they were in the midst of baking fresh cookies so we would have to wait another 40 minutes.

Overall, we liked this spot. I’m not sure if I like this one more or Snow Station. Snow station had more snow ice flavors and I preferred their taro flavor slightly more. But the toppings were fresher at Snow Monster and I like their macaron and cookie options. Both places were super friendly and generous with condensed milk refills. We would be happy with visiting either one when in the Little Saigon area.

Snow Monster
9600 Bolsa Ave
Ste G
Westminster, CA 92683


10 comments on “Snow Monster”

  1. You make me miss San Diego everyday!

  2. Mmm… macaroon ice cream sandwich… Belgian waffle sundaes. I suppose it’s a good thing that place isn’t nearby. I’d be overweight and broke within a year. 🙂

  3. Ooh, macaron ice cream sandwiches! Gotta try those one day!

  4. Yummy! I’m from SD too and visit Snow Monster at least once a month. So many dessert options makes me want one of everything!!! They make some fantastic thai tea as well.

  5. I can’t believe I haven’t tried snow ice yet especially after reading about it so much lately. Maybe because it’s still cold for me? I’m turned off with a lot of food coloring. And green too? Gah.

    • It’s definitely harder to go when it’s so cold. I always leave shivering. haha. When you do get a chance, the Yogurt Swirl in Mira Mesa is pretty good. I don’t really like food coloring either and especially with matcha, it should already have a natural pale green so they dont need to make it a dark green.

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