4 Ingredient Homemade Thin Mints

The other day I saw a Girl Scouts’ cookie booth nearby my house. Is it that time of year already?

I found quite a few easy Homemade Thin Mints recipes last year and vowed to try making them this year.

Mine came out a little messy. I placed them on cookie racks to let the chocolate dry but I should have just laid them on parchment paper so that the chocolate would dry evenly on the bottom.

These were still delicious and a good quick fix. I always try to buy a few boxes every year but I run out of the cookies so quickly, so this is a nice alternative. And since they are homemade, you can also decorate them and use different types of chocolates.

If you’re looking for recipes to make with Girl Scout Cookies, you can check out some of my recipes from last year:

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Homemade Thin Mints


8 oz bittersweet chocolate chips
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tsp mint extract
about 20 Oreos


1. Twist Oreos in half, removing cream center. Discard or eat the cream.
2. Melt chocolate and mint extract on stove. Stir in oil to thin chocolate, making it easier to dip and coat the cookies.
3. Place Oreo half into chocolate, coating the back and front side with fork and then setting on parchment paper. I found the best way to make the coating even and smooth is to coat half of the cookie in chocolate and hold it upside down, shaking slightly and allowing the chocolate to fall and coat remaining parts of cookie. Repeat with remaining cookies.
4. Place finished cookies in fridge or freezer to chill until chocolate hardens.

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10 comments on “4 Ingredient Homemade Thin Mints”

  1. It’s just oreo in these things?! I didn’t know that! I’m so making this cookie soon.

    I was laughing at your “Discard or eat the cream” instructions…

    Some poor fella is going to have a tummy ache (or a big smile) if they don’t follow the discard part.

    • Well the Girl Scout version makes their own chocolate shortbread cookie, so they don’t just use Oreos, but Oreos are very similar in taste and texture which is why you can use them as a cheat.

  2. How can you call a cookie “homemade” when the main ingredient is Oreo cookies? If you have to go to the store to buy Oreo cookies to make cookies, why not just mosey down the aisle 2 feet and buy thin mints?

    This is a lazy recipe.

    • This is a shortcut recipe and you make it at home. It allows you the freedom to change the chocolate flavors, decorate, etc.

  3. “Discard or eat the cream” made me chuckle, too. I’m sure there’s lots of various cookies you can cover in this manner for a little something different.

  4. Yeah I have some left over oreos from that brownie oreo cookie bar thing so this will be a fun recipe to try out with my nephews.

    Is there a reason to use vegetable oil and not butter/cream? I was always curious about that. I always heated the chocolate without any oil/cream/butter. Is it just to thin the chocolate out?

    • Adding a little oil will thin out the chocolate, otherwise it’s hard to dip and have the cookies come out nice and smooth.

  5. sarah, here’s a good recipe if you want to make your own chocolate shortbread cookies instead of using the oreos… https://allrecipes.com/recipe/emilys-famous-chocolate-shortbread-cookies/
    though i’m just fine with the oreo hack! 🙂 thanks for posting it, kirbie!

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