Bacon Roses

Valentine’s Day may be over but there’s always an occasion for these cute mini bacon shaped roses.

I love how these came out. There were so adorable that I ate much more bacon than I usually eat.


Right before Valentine’s Day, one of my good friends sent me an email with the subject line, “I found flowers I like” and then a link to an article in the actual email. I was really confused at first. It didn’t seem like a subject she’d be talking to me about and I was convinced that her email had been hacked. I was so sure, I chose to open the email on my phone to avoid any computer virus.

Once I clicked on the link, it all made sense. It was an article for bacon roses. I loved the idea, though I didn’t have enough time to prepare them for Mr. K. The original article shows how to make bacon roses that are dipped in chocolate and then put on fake plastic rose stems to make a bouquet of roses. While they look pretty cool, I wanted to do a more simplified version.

I didn’t really care for dipping the bacon in chocolate. And I wanted edible leaves, so I put some fresh basil underneath to resemble the tiny leaves that support the rosebuds. You can do a quick deep fry of the basil too if you don’t like fresh basil.

These are super easy to make. After eating a few, I surprised Mr. K with the rest. His eyes turned so big and round! He was one happy camper.

Bacon Roses


8 pre-cooked packaged bacon strips (you can also use raw bacon, you will just need to cook longer)
16 small basil leaves
mini muffin pan (or regular cupcake pan for raw bacon)


1. Preheat oven to 375F. Starting with the skinny end of pre-cooked bacon, roll up until it resembled a rosebud. The end with the thicker fat will likely look more like a rose so make that side face up. If you are using raw bacon, roll up bacon strip to resemble a rose. Make sure to pull some of the layers out slightly to get the rosebud shape.
2. Place bacon roses in a mini cupcake pan (regular cupcake pan for raw bacon). Add a little foil in the empty space of the cupcake molds so that the roses hold their shape when cooking. Cook for about 10 minutes until bacon is dark brown and completely crispy (you will need to cook longer for raw bacon).
3. Arrange bacon on plate, with two small basil leaves underneath each bud. You can tuck the stems of the leaves into the bottom of the rosebuds. You can also quickly deep fry the basil leaves first (about 1 minute or until you start to hear them pop).

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  1. These bacon roses look super gorgeous and delicious too! 🙂 Nom nom.

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