Wine Gummy Bears (Red, White, and Rosé)

Wine Gummy Bears
These homemade wine gummy bears are made with red, white or rosé wine and are perfect for a party or for gifting this holiday season. They can be made ahead of time and keep well for a few weeks.

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I am gearing up for holiday food gifting. Of course there will be cookies, but I usually do other homemade food gifts that can be made ahead of time, like my DIY extracts.


This year, it’s going to be these wine gummy bears. I previously made rosé champagne gummy bears and this time I decided to make wine ones in a colorful assortment, so I used red, white and rosé wines.

These are so easy to make and store well in the fridge for about 2 weeks. I love how adorable the mini gummy bears look. The recipe seems like a lot but these bears are really tiny. If you are making them for gifts, you’ll likely have to double or triple the recipe or make them in batches if you don’t have enough molds.


Gummy Bear Molds

Wine Gummy Bears

Easy homemade wine flavored gummy bears made with red, white and rose wines. They can be made ahead of time and are great for gifting or a party.


  • 1/2 cup wine of your choice (red, white, rose)
  • 2 1/2 tbsp unflavored gelatin
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar


  1. In a small saucepan, pour in wine. Sprinkle gelatin over wine. Stir the gelatin to dissolve into wine. The gelatin will cause the wine to thicken up, to a slurry-like consistency. Continue to stir or whisk until all the white gelatin powder has been dissolved into the wine.
  2. Bring saucepan to low heat, careful not to let mixture boil, stirring continuously until wine melts back down to a liquid consistency. Make sure you stir continuously as the wine is melting back down because you don't want any gelatin to clump up. If you find any undissolved gelatin in the wine, use the back of the spoon and press the gelatin clump against the side of the saucepan to help break it down and dissolve it.
  3. Once wine is in a liquid state again, add the sugar. Stir continuously until dissolved. Turn off heat but leave saucepan on stove to keep mixture warm.
  4. Working quickly, use eyedropper tool provided with gummy bear molds to fill molds with mixture in the saucepan. Make sure you use up all of the mixture before it cools down because then it will become extremely thick and sticky. Place molds briefly in fridge for about 10-15 minutes to firm up. Gummy bears can be eaten straight from the fridge or left to warm back up to room temperature before eating. They will be slightly firmer straight out of the fridge and softer left at room temperature, but are chewy both ways. Store any uneaten ones in a sealed container in the fridge for about 1-2 weeks.
To wash your gummy bear molds, saucepan, and eye dropper, wash with very warm water. The warm water will loosen the gelatin, making it much easier to clean.

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18 comments on “Wine Gummy Bears (Red, White, and Rosé)”

  1. Great idea for Holidays gifts! Do they taste like wine or they loose most of its aromatics while cooking?

    • the wine flavor is definitely still there. there actually isnt much cooking, since the wine is only briefly heated to allow the gelatin and sugar to dissolve into it

  2. Hi.
    Love these. But what is the trick to getting them out of the molds. 
    I really struggled to get them out in one piece. They really stuck in the molds. 

    • These pop right out for me. Are you havin trouble because they are breaking or are they too sticky? If they are too sticky, you may need to reduce the sugar. Since wines have different amounts of sugar, 1/4 cup might be slightly too much. You can try reducing the sugar and also make sure to stir out the bubbles and foam layer before pouring into molds. The foam is sugar collecting and that would also cause really stick gummies which might be harder to unmold. hope this helps!

  3. Hi Kirbie, I love this idea and wanted to make some for my child’s birthday party. Will this recipe work with some type juice?

  4. Could you make these with agar agar? Would you need to change measurements at all in order to do so?


    • agar agar definitely will change the texture of these. I’m not sure of the measurement needed. I actually haven’t been able to create agar gummy bears that have a gummy/chewy consistency yet, but if I succeed, I’ll definitely share!

  5. I only have 2 gummy bear molds, will it be enough if I double the recipe? Thanks!

    • This recipe makes 100 mini gummy bears. My gummy bear molds hold 50 each, so if you double the recipe, it’ll be too much. You can always do it in 2 batches as the gummies to firm up quickly.

  6. How do them keep them clear and get rid of the foam from whisking and stirring! Tried a batch they tasted amazing but several I can’t use because of the foam. Thank you

    • hello, which wine are you using? I have no issues with foam with red and white. I do sometimes have foam occurring with the rose and I think it is because rose wine has more sugar in it. You can try adding less sugar to the wine (but then a lot of my friends find it tastes too strong) or usually what I do is after I turn off heat and it starts to foam over, I just give it a quick stir to dissolve the foam, fill my tray and when it starts to foam again, give another quick stir, fill more, repeat. You can also try with different rose wines. Some have a lot more sugar than others, so if you can find a very low sugar one that also helps.

  7. They worked! I wasn’t so sure when I started but they came out well. I actually threw away the first pan of syrup because it looked cloudy and didn’t seem right. The second try looked the same but I put it in the mold anyway and they became more clear as they set. The only change I will make next time is choosing a darker red wine so the color of the finished bears is closer to the dark red than pink. Thanks for this great idea. My friends and family are going to love receiving a bag of these!

  8. Does the alcohol cook out of the wine during the heating process or are these “adults only” gummy bears? Thank you!

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