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The first Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up in the US opened in Irvine Spectrum Center last summer. Given my Hello Kitty obsession, I had to check it out!

You may recall, I previously tried the Hello Kitty Cafe truck when it was in San Diego. The Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up is basically a larger extension of the truck, with more items available as well.
The cafe serves various cakes and drinks, all customized to fit the Hello Kitty theme. We ended up purchasing a mug, an opera cake and a box of macarons.

How adorable is this mug?
I especially love the donut at the bottom. It’s too bad it’s covered most of the time.

This opera cake had both a gold Hello Kitty face on top and chocolate pieces with Hello Kitty print.

The macaron set came with 5 macarons, four with her signature bow and one with her face.

All the food I’ve eaten here and from the truck have been decent but definitely pricey. It’s a cute spot to visit though I do wish they would open a permanent Hello Kitty Cafe like the ones in Asia. The ones in Asia are sit-down cafes that offer a full menu of food, drinks and desserts and have an extensive amount of Hello Kitty decorations.

Still, if you’re a big Hello Kitty fan, I think it’s worth a visit at least once.

Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up
93 Spectrum Center Dr
Irvine, CA 92618

6 comments on “Hello Kitty Cafe”

  1. Sigh cuteness overload. Also, the memory of waiting for the Hello Kitty truck made me smile :’) 

  2. I have the mug too from the Bethesda popup they did last year!

    • They had the mug when the truck came back the second time and I somehow resisted buying it. And then of course I totally regretted it so I had to get it this time! haha

  3. I saw the sign for it when I drove past the Irvine Spectrum last week! I will have to stop by soon for that cute mug!

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