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3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake Mix Mug Cake

This single serving chocolate mug cake uses cake mix and cooks in the microwave in just one minute. No need for eggs, oil, or having to make an entire cake.
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Because some days you only have enough time and energy to make a cake mix cake.

I’ve spent the last few years sharing many mug cake recipes that are pretty quick and easy, but they are all from-scratch cakes that require several ingredients. The most common issue that people seem to have when they want to make one of my mug cakes is that they are missing an ingredient, especially baking powder. However, most people do have cake mix on hand.

I had some leftover cake mix and I was wondering what to do with it when it occurred to me to try making a mug cake with the cake mix. I’ve used it to make chewy chocolate cookies before so why not a mug cake?
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To my surprise, when I did a little research online to see if such recipes existed, most of the mug cakes that used cake mix also required oil, water and a fraction of an egg. Or they would require using other not as common ingredients like angel cake mix.

I was convinced there must be a way to make the mug cake without the egg because no one likes dealing with a fraction of an egg.

After several trials (I actually finished all the leftover cake mix and had to open a new one), I finally made a few versions that I’m happy with. This chocolate mug cake is soft, fluffy and moist. It does have a little bit looser crumb since there is no egg acting as a binding agent, but if you are eating it in a mug, this shouldn’t be an issue.
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I don’t usually like to make cake mix cakes, but this is a quick way to satisfy your cake cravings without a lot of work or clean-up. Do you have an air fryer? You should check out my Air Fryer Cake Mix Mug Cake, too. I’ve also made a Cake Mix Lava Cake inspired by this recipe!  You can check also find the rest of my mug cake recipes here.

Find all my recipe videos on my youtube page.

3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake Mix Mug Cake

Servings: 1
Prep Time: 4 minutes
Cook Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 5 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
An easy mug cake that uses cake mix and cooks in the microwave in just one minute!
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  • 6 tbsp chocolate cake mix (see note)
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
  • 2 tbsp semisweet chocolate chips optional


  • In a microwave-safe mug, add cake mix, water and applesauce. Mix with a mini whisk until batter is smooth. If using chocolate chips, add and stir in 1 tbsp into the batter. Sprinkle remaining over top of the batter.
  • Cook in the microwave at full power for 1 minute. Allow cake to cool a few minutes before eating.



  • I tested this with Pillsbury and Betty Crocker cake mixes.
  • I know some people might not keep applesauce on hand,but I found that it really helped keep the cake super moist and also helped bind it together better. If you don't have applesauce on hand, you can use  2 tbsp water and 1/2 tbsp oil (instead of the water and applesauce amounts listed).  The cake stays moist but the crumb is quite loose which is why I prefer the applesauce version.

The nutrition information provided are only estimates based on an online nutritional calculator. I am not a certified nutritionist. Please consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for accurate information and any dietary restrictions and concerns you may have.

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3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake Mix Mug Cake (Eggless)

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120 comments on “3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake Mix Mug Cake”

  1. I just tried this with some spice cake mix and canned pumpkin. I added a bit more water because pumpkin is a tad denser than applesauce. I also added some chopped walnuts and dates. I had to cook it about a minute longer…and it didn’t rise all that much which was probably due to the mix being a bit old, but it is flavorful and not super sweet. It’s kind of like a chewy spice cookie

    • Yes, if the cake mix is old that could be the problem – also pumpkin puree is heavier than applesauce which can make it harder for the cake to puff up. We’re glad you enjoyed the flavor!

  2. This is my go to recipe for mug cake and I always keep applesauce on hand for it. I use vanilla, chocolate, any flavor cake mix and it is always a success. I use expired cake mixes for this since I am afraid a whole cake might fail. Thanks for doing the testing for us!

  3. I see your nutrition disclaimer but I cannot find the actual nutrition information can you helpme?

    • Sorry, but we don’t have the nutrition information for this at this time. There are several free online nutrition calculators you can use to get this information.

  4. Delicious and, it seems, idiot-proof!

    So, funny story, I was looking for a cake mix mugcake recipe because I wanted to use up some leftover cake mix I had. The important part being leftover; I had already mixed in the eggs, oil and water that the recipe on the box asked for. Since I was specifically looking for a way to use up premixed cake mix, it hadn’t occured to me that this recipe is most likely asking for dry cake mix.

    I only realized my mistake when I ended up with a very liquidy batter, but I didn’t want to waste it so I tried baking it anyways.

    It came out AMAZING. I am eating it right now and it tastes great and melts in my mouth: it’s absolutely delicious.

    Thank you for this amazing recipe! I’m definitely gonna use up the remaining batter like this, and I’m looking foward to tasting a version with the actual ingredients too 😀

  5. I am going to try this, but since I don’t really like chocolate, I am going to try making it with a white cake mix, and try substituting white chocolate for the chocolate chips

  6. Hi, I’m a newbie and I’ve been trying recípes that use what I have in the pantry. What I haven’t seen is anything that includes leftover sweet flavored coffee creamers (ex: caramel macchiato, chocolate peppermint, etc). I always have lots left in the fridge and (seems to me) they could add a lot of flavor variety in a small way. Plus, provide that milk-type ingredient that I always seem to be lacking/out of. I am very new at cooking and I didn’t have a role model in the kitchen growing up so I hope that I am not asking something simple or should be common sense. Thanks, I enjoy your work.

    • Happy to hear you’re enjoying the recipes!

      • Hi Heather, l just made this cake too. I wasn’t so sure it would be moist so l did add 1 tsp of butter to my mix. I also love nuts so added 1 tbs. of a toasted and chopped almonds. I wanted some frosting,l used 2 tbs of powered sugar 1 tsp of softened butter mixed in a little Hazelnut coffee creamer, spread it on top after the cake was doe and topped that with a few more chopped almonds. It turned out very good.

      • So glad to hear that!

  7. WOW! That couldn’t be easier and it produces a perfectly delicious chocolate cake. Just exactly what I needed for a quick chocolate fix, as I really didn’t want to fire up the oven on this hot August night. The applesauce binds it and keeps it nice and moist, and the chocolate chips make it extra good. I just happened to have those ingredients on hand, and from now on they will ALWAYS be in my pantry, just for making this recipe!

  8. Moist and better than regular size cake.

  9. Wow! How awesome is this?I had just made a chocolate mug cake from mix a minute before I made YOUR recipe. It came out like an old hockey puck! So I looked in my ‘files’ and found this one. THEE best mug cake I have made, and I’ve been making them for several years now. Thank you so much for this recipe.

    • So glad you loved it! We have tons of other mug cakes recipes – you can find them all under the Mug Cakes category!

  10. Hi, I wanted to make this, but I don’t have applesauce and was wondering if I can do it without applesauce?

  11. Have you tried this with canned pumpkin?

  12. What size mug do you use? I am trying the recipe today with yogurt instead of applesauce. I do not have applesauce. Thank you.

  13. In one spot you said you hadn’t tried it with yogurt and in another you said you had experimented with yogurt. Not trying to be picky but I was wondering about using yogurt as well and hoping you could tell me what you didn’t like about that version.
    Thanks! (love your recipes)

    • I responded that I hadn’t tried yogurt back in January of last year. Later on, I did experiment with yogurt but didn’t like the results, hence the other response a few months later to another comment regarding yogurt. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what exactly was wrong with the yogurt version as it’s been over a year and I am constantly testing new recipes. I’m guessing the texture was off, maybe too chewy or doughy.

  14. I made this last night for my husband, who has a never-ending sweet tooth. He liked it so much that he asked me to make a second cake. This is a great recipe for those times we’ve run out of cookies and ice cream and other sweets. Thanks for all the testing and the recipes. Now if I can just convince my husband that he’s fully capable of making a mug cake on his own!

  15. Not going to lie I highly doubted this would come out yummy , but oh boy was I proved wrong . I was craving something sweet but on a strict diet . I found this box of cake in my pantry and decided to try this and yum yum came out perfect and is great for portion control ! Thank you so much ! 

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