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BBG’s Taiwan Journal Day 1c: Movenpick ice cream

Hi Everyone! Baby bro's girlfriend ("BBG") here, with another entry on my last trip to Taiwan:

Day 1c: Movenpick

After dropping off
lunch to my brother, my mom and I headed to a department store in central
Hsinchu to do a little shopping. Here are some pictures on the way there. You
can see my mom sometimes driving in the middle of a two-lane road, and all the
crazy parking at the side of the streets.


For a refreshment,
we went to a small cafe/ice cream parlor located on the 4th floor of the
department store called Movenpick. I'm guessing that this is actually like an
ice cream brand like Haagen Daaz or something, but I've never seen one in the
US. Here is the site I found for it:
The cafe menu had the name of Euro-Deliz, but I don't think that's what they
state their overall name as in the department store…

Here's the scan of
the business card I took.


Here are some
pictures of their dining menus. I liked how they had detailed pictures of all
their dessert choices. They all looked so delicious… +drool+

Here are the scans
of their take-out menu.


Here are a couple
pictures of the view from our table.


To share, we got
the "Fruits Lover," described as "three scoops of Lemon, Mango
sorbet and Strawberry ice cream."


The sorbets were
definitely very fruity and rich. My favorite was the mango sorbet and the
little pieces of mango on top of the lemon one. My mom enjoyed the lemon
sorbet. Both of us weren't a big fan of strawberry ice cream, but the quality
of it was very good. Very creamy and not icy at all. Lots of flavor packed into
tiny scoops! The waffle was very crispy, and I believe that we received it
warm, although after a while, it got soggy from the melted sorbet/ice cream.
We actually didn't
finish all of this dessert. The drinks that we ordered were pretty filling,
too. 😛
I ordered the
"Oreo Blizzard" from the menu, described as "Mint Chocolate
smoothies served with Mint Chocolate ice cream on the top."


This was a really
tall glass, but I finished it rather quickly because there actually wasn't much
volume to it – just height. I really liked the mint chocolate ice cream,
although I prefer the chunky dark chocolate pieces better than their thinly
sliced ones. Nonetheless, still delicious. 🙂 Calorie overload to say the
My mom was getting
tired so she got a giant cup of the Movenpick Blended Coffee. We didn't realize
how giant her big cup would be… 


It took her quite
a long time to finish it, but she liked how strong the coffee was. My mom is
always on the desperate search for strong coffee. Starbucks she says is the
worst. 😛 Anyways, I thought the cup was pretty cute.
Here's the picture
of our receipt if anyone was interested. Definitely one of the more expensive
cafes in Taiwan with the price, but the quality of service and food was on par.
Note how they added on their own service charge.

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8 comments on “BBG’s Taiwan Journal Day 1c: Movenpick ice cream”

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  2. Haven;t been to Taiwan yet but I sure do like these type of ice cream stores. Everything looks so cute :).
    Is it just me or does the Fruits Lover look like three happy faces?

  3. Haha. I don’t actually eat all that much ice cream in Taiwan since I usually visit in the winter, and I just take it whereever I can get it. 😛
    My favorite ice cream though is anything available with chocolate in it. 🙂 yuuuuuumm… Movenpick ice cream really is rich and creamy though. Heh.

  4. Wow, thanks for the info! I’ve actually never been to Europe, and Taiwan was the only place I’d ever seen the brand. But there’s Nestle in the US, so I recognize that at least! 🙂
    As for quality, all I can say is, as long as there’s ice cream, I’m happy! 😛

  5. Oh. Haha. I totally forgot! The service charge is the small number (52) above the giant number on the receipt. 🙂

  6. I prefer Movenpick over HD when I’m in Taiwan. My favourite flavour was hazelnut something…omg so creamy and rich.

  7. Moevenpick is actually a big company in Switzerland which runs several different subcompanies covering hotels, restaurants, wineshops etc. They also produce several kinds of foods including icecream, coffee and are very popular in Switzerland, Germany, Austria. The quality is good but not outstanding. Part of the company is now integrated in Nestle (which is one of the biggest food comapnies in the world).

  8. unfortunately many of us cannot read chinese so no we can’t see the service charge 😀