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Bitter+Sweet opened in Cupertino last year and has become quite the popular cafe, most famous for its red velvet latte and Humphrey Slocombe ice cream. I visited it during a trip home shortly after it opened but didn’t have my camera. Instead I used my camera phone and while I love my phone, the camera really really sucks.

So I never did a post on it. I recently visited again on my latest trip back to the South Bay Area. My main reason for going is that they serve Humphrey Slocombe ice cream. No need for me to drive all the way up to San Francisco, though it does cost more to get it from Bitter+Sweet.

On this occasion, they were out of my favorite: secret breakfast. Instead, I opted for Sweet Summer Corn.

To my delight, the ice cream really tasted just like sweet corn.

DH chose the After School Special (Chocolate-covered Ridge potato chips swirled with caramel in Tahitian Vanilla)

Super sweet, just the way DH likes it. The potato chips stayed crunchy since they were coated in chocolate.

My friend chose the Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt.

We opted not to get the red velvet latte on this occassion. They have both a cold and hot version. I had previously tried it and didn’t find it to be that special. It just tasted like red food coloring cocoa.

Bitter+Sweet seems to be quite popular and a nice local hangout. I personally think things are  a little overpriced, but the ice cream will keep me coming back.

After my first trip, I also went by Kee-Wah Bakery, which also opened last year too.  It’s the same chain as the ones in Southern California and I’ve always been a fan of the bread and egg tarts. I don’t like this new location in Cupertino as much. It’s a really large location. But they constantly are out of the egg tarts and the bakery often smells like cleaning products. I do stop by for the pineapple buns though.

20560 Town Center Ln
Cupertino, CA 95014


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6 comments on “Bitter+Sweet”

  1. I thought i had written a comment on this earlier, but for some reason, it’s not here, so here it is again!

    I like what your husband ordered – the idea of potato chips in ice cream intrigues me. I really like Humphrey Slocumb’s unique flavors – some are a bit too intense though.

    • Ah you did comment, I just have been away from the computer so I haven’t had a chance to approve comments! Hope you’re having a good Labor Day weekend!

  2. Omygawsh this is where I study like 24/7! Yea its definitely overpriced, but they have great ice cream and the coffee is pretty good too. I also like their pistachio biscuits.

  3. Ooh, I see on their chart that they have Eton Mess flavored ice cream! MMM!

    the one that your DH chose sounds good – potato chips, now that’s an ingredient i wouldn’t think to put in ice cream. 🙂

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