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Brennan’s restaurant in New Orleans was established in 1946. It is known for its indulgent breakfasts and for creating Bananas Foster.
Egg Yolk Carpaccio photo

During our first trip to New Orleans, we dined there for dinner and got to try their Bananas Foster creation. After hearing so many good things about their breakfast, I made sure that we got to try it on this visit.

The breakfast and brunch selection is quite large, but the most popular option are the 2- course breakfasts, allowing you to sample a few of their signature dishes. We both opted to try the 2-course breakfast.

Egg Yolk Carpaccio
Grilled shrimp, crispy sweet potato, andouille vinaigrette
close-up photo of Egg Yolk Carpaccio
I loved the creativity and presentation of this dish. The nest of crispy sweet potatoes was quite a sight. At first I wasn’t sure where the egg yolk was and then I realized what I had mistaken for sauce covering the plate was actually creamy egg yolk. The yolk is prepared sous vide at 45 degrees, creating a thick, silky consistency. This ensured every bite of shrimp and sweet potato could be properly coated in egg yolk.

Eggs Sardou
Crispy artichokes, parmesan creamed spinach, choron sauce
Eggs Sardou photo
This dish was delicious as well. The artichoke is battered and fried, creating a wonderful crunchy exterior before giving way to the tender soft artichoke. The parmesan creamed spinach was rich and decadent and the sauce brought it all together.

Baked Apple
Oatmeal Pecan Raisin Crumble, Brown Sugar Glaze, Sweetened Crème Fraiche
baked apple photo
This was Mr. K’s choice and he declared that it tasted like apple pie. The crumble, along with sugar glazed baked soft apple, really does evoke the feel of an apple pie. And the crème fraiche was like melted vanilla ice cream over the hot pie.

Eggs Hussarde
Housemade English Muffins, Coffee Cured Canadian Bacon, Hollandaise, Marchand De Vin Sauce
Eggs Hussarde photo
He really enjoyed this take on eggs benedict as well.

Of course, we couldn’t possibly leave without having their Bananas Foster. The international classic was created at Brennan’s.
bananas foster photo
The simple dessert consists of bananas, cooked in brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, dark rum and banana liqueur. The bananas are flambeed before served over ice cream. At Brennan’s, the dessert is served table-side.

Overall, we had a deliciously indulgent breakfast at Brennan’s. It’s definitely a stop I’d recommend both for its history and good food. It was our last full meal in New Orleans before heading back and it was a great way to end our trip.

417 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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