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Costco November Edition

Sharing my November grocery haul from Costco, including new items, monthly coupon items and a few of my favorite products. I also have a low carb items section towards the end of this post.

Cookie Thins Thinsters Dark Chocolate Coconut
These cookies were one of my favorite new finds. The cookies are crispy, crunchy and have a good coconut flavor.Price $8.99

Bubbies Mochi
Bubbies is my favorite brand of ice cream mochi. The company is from Hawaii and offers a huge variety of mochi flavors including many tropical fruit flavors. I like that they use premium ice cream and the flavors taste very natural. Usually, I buy Bubbies from Whole Foods, but this seasonal trio is much cheaper and I’m excited to try these flavors.Price: $10.99

Royal Asia Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Buns
I was really excited to find this seasonal item and plan on serving them during Thanksgiving dinner. The buns are small and cute, about 3 bites each.
The tops of the buns are quite fluffy and the filling is not too sweet. My one issue is that the bottom of these buns were originally pan-fried so if you try to heat them up in the microwave as instructed, the bottom turns very hard. I love the idea of a crunchy bottom but it’s not really necessary for these buns. For the rest of them, I think I will have to reheat them on the stove.Price: $8.89

La Grande Galette French Butter Cookies
I love butter cookies so I was excited to find these French butter cookies. Inside are smaller packets with 3 cookies per packet. The cookies are buttery, crispy biscuits with a hint of sea salt. They weren’t quite what I like in a butter cookie though and I didn’t really like the sea salt. Price: $8.99

Galil Roasted Chestnuts
I love roasted chestnuts but hate having to deal with the shells, so these already shelled ones are great. They sell them at Ranch 99 and other Asian markets but I was surprised to find them available at Costco now.Price: $6.49

Kind Mini Bars
I previously bought the full sized bars which I shared in my October edition. I was interested in trying the mini bars because sometimes I want something smaller than a full-sized bar. The did find the mini bars a little too small to be a filling snack. I was looking more for a half-sized bar.
Price: $17.99

Limited Edition Canada Dry Ginger Ale
I picked up these limited edition ginger ale flavors for when my family comes to visit. In addition to the classic ginger ale, this variety pack includes cranberry ginger ale and blackberry ginger ale.
Price: $10.49

Autumn’s Gold Grain Free Granola Bars
I love granola bars but what really drew me to these were the ingredients and low carb count. Each bar is only 11 net carbs. I really like these bars. They are firm, chewy and full of nuts and seeds.Price: $12.79

Low Carb Products at Costco

Rhythm Superfoods Broccoli Bites
These broccoli bites make a healthy and tasty snack. The broccoli pieces are crunchy and lightly salted. I’m always trying to find a way to eat more veggies, so I really enjoyed this and will be getting them again.
Price: $6.49

Kirkland Cage-Free Egg Whites
I have been eating a lot of egg whites lately so I find it easier to buy egg white cartons and Costco offers the best price for egg white cartons. I use them to make my egg white muffins as well as egg white crepes. They come in a box (unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the original box) with six individual cartons in each box.
Price: $8.59

Kirkland Walnuts
It’s baking season so I stocked up on walnuts for the many holiday cookies I’ll be making. They are also great for snacking or making healthy energy bites. Costco has some of the best prices for pecans, almond and walnuts, so I always stock up here.
Price: $10.99

That’s all for now! You can check out my previous Costco October Edition here.

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