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Craftsman and Wolves

During our recent weekend trip to San Francisco, we had a chance to stop in at Craftsman and Wolves, a contemporary pâtisserie which I completely fell in love with.

The interior has a sleek modern look and the display cases are filled with the most luxurious looking sweets. I was awed by all the creative goods like a “rebel within” muffin and a stacked chocolate croissant. I wanted to try everything.

Rebel Within (asiago, sausage, green onion, soft cooked farm egg)

Anything with a runny egg yolk is always good. I’ve actually tried making this before and it’s a pain to make right without having the egg yolk end up completely cooked. The taste was just okay but it was fun to slice open.

Chocolate Croissant Stack

I loved the look of this one. There is also some chocolate in between some of the layers.

Root Vegetable Croissant laminated with harissa butter

This may look like your average croissant but it’s stuffed with root vegetable.

Caramelized Hazelnut Financier

This was Mr. K’s favorite item. It is also one of their most popular (along with the Rebel Within). I liked the caramelized exterior but also found it a little too sweet.

Pear, Almond and Yuzu Twice Baked Croissant

I had a similar croissant at b patisserie which I hadn’t liked. But I really enjoyed this one because they managed to preserve the flaky layers and it was a good balance of fruit with pastry.

We got all these items for breakfast and planned on tasting and photoing and then saving the rest, but we ended up finishing everything. We definitely want to come back next time we’re in San Francisco.

Craftsman and Wolves
746 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California 94110


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6 comments on “Craftsman and Wolves”

  1. This is a fascinating post! The photos are beautiful and make me want to seek this place out. I have been curious about egg baked in pastry since going to Sidecar in Costa Mesa (the special one was ‘green eggs and ham’, with basil and the egg baked inside).

    • Oh I haven’t had the Sidecar one. I really loved this bakery though. I tried making the egg before but it’s hard because it cooks so much when you are baking the muffin.

  2. Man, everything looks AMAZING!!! Gonna put this bakery on my to do list when I go visit San Jose in Feb 🙂

  3. Went there too when I went to SF and they had an amazing croissant with freeze dried raspberries + the pate de fruit was SO GOOD. Even the banana pate de fruit which sounded really unappealing to me. Sadly only after I got home did I realize they forgot to give me my Rebel Within which is what I had come there for in the first place. Next time I guess :/

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