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Donutella Cake

Is this cake not the cutest thing? I just had to share this on my blog.

This is a custom made cake by Jenny of Jennywennycakes. Jenny is a local San Diego blogger and baker (when she’s not at her daytime job as a chemist!).  She makes some amazing cakes and I’m so glad that I finally got to buy one.

I first learned of her cakes through CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High, when CC had Jenny design a super cute Tokidoki cake. Being a Tokidoki fan, I instantly fell in love with the cake and the print it was inspired by.

Shortly after, I got the pleasure of meeting Jenny in person.

I had originally planned to order a cake my birthday this year, but my friends and family surprised me with a cake. A friend’s birthday was coming up and she loves Tokidoki as well, so I took the opportunity to get her a Tokidoki themed cake. (Just to be clear, Jenny does design more than Tokidoki themed cakes. You can view a lot of the different types of cakes and cupcakes she has made here.)

For the cake flavor, I ended up choosing mango macadamia cake like CC’s cake from this year because it sounded so delicious.  The cake was layered with mascarpone cream filling and topped with a vanilla buttercream.

For the design, I asked for Donutella, one of the Tokidoki characters. I think she is one of the cutest Tokidoki characters and I absolutely adore the fact that she wears a doughnut outfit. I thought it’d be nice to have some douhgnuts decorating the side to match the theme. I thought I could find a good image of her on the Tokidoki website, but other than a tiny image of her on a handbag, she currently isn’t featured. I will update this post with a picture of her from one of my bags.

My friend loved the cake and so did everyone else. Everyone kept remarking on how cute the design was and no one wanted to cut into it and ruin it.

Inside, the cake is divided into four layers, which I really liked. Here’s a shot of the inside in bad lighting.

You can browse some of the cakes Jenny has created here. You can also visit her website here.

(As a quick note, Jenny asked me to put the money I would have paid her for the cake into her fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  As seen in her comment below, part of the reason was because she didn’t want to run into trademark issues. I loved the idea because it let me feel good about donating to such a good cause and I really support the fact that Jenny is raising money for this foundation.)

I will definitely be buying cakes from Jenny again. Right after I picked up this cake, Jenny tweeted about making some guava chiffon cupcakes. Doh! I love guava and I love chiffon cakes. I need to find someone else’s birthday so I can get that cake next time.



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18 comments on “Donutella Cake”

  1. I love the cake! And a happy belated birthday, btw. I love Jenny’s mango and macadamia nut cupcake so I’m sure this cake was absolutely delicious!

  2. so cool! wow, i can’t believe they were cheaper on the actual site! the mondrian print is cute!

  3. i’m totally going to have jenny do my husband and daughter’s cakes (coming this august and september). heck, any occasion for that matter! she has a great selection of flavors and her designs are the greatest!

    cool that you got a good deal on the toki bags. did you get them from what print did you get?

    • I usually get them from karmaloop, but for once, they were actually cheaper on the Tokidoki website. I got the Mondrian tulip, which is that pink one with random cute characters. And the “San Diego” print, which is white, with a sort of faded look and it has the girl with the tatoos, whose name I always forget.

  4. Hi Kirbie
    OMG, CUTE CUTE CAKE! I love it and of course, it was by Jenny! Isn’t she awesome? The flavor you chose was quite popular with my friends/guests at my recent bday party. I absolutely hated cutting into mine and ruining the design. I liked your “interior” shot of the cake. 🙂

    did you save your Donutella topper?

    BTW, the Tokidoki stuff I got for Jenny weren’t quite purses, but they could pass for teeny tiny purses. They were a set of 3 small pouches with the Sodashop pattern from Sephora. Very affordable. They also have the trio with a new print, a beach scene.

    • Oh, I was wondering what you gave her. I’ve seen the Sephora line online, haven’t yet gone into a store to inspect them physically. If I go I’ll probably just end up buying too much. I recently scored two bags I was eyeing during Memorial weekend, tokidoki had a 30% off sale online on everything, and the bags were already reduced in price, plus 30%. So happy. I got the San Diego and the Mondrian bags. Yes we kept the Donutella topper! One of her ears fell off, but we put it back on. As far as I know, she is still doing okay. Heehee

      I want to buy Jenny’s cakes for everyone’s birthday now! My sister’s birthday is soon but I have no idea what sort of design she would like (she’s one of those people who is pretty ambivalent about everything and doesn’t really love anything in particular), so i don’t know if I will do one for her birthday.

  5. Wow, that’s awesome…cake AND the donation aspect. The fact that she does this as a side thing is really impressive. Kinda wish I still lived in SD just so I can get a cake from her. Mmmm…guava…

    • I don’t know how she has the time to be doing so much either! She’s always tweeting about new cakes and desserts she is making. It seems she is constantly baking away and testing out new things.

  6. I would hate to slice that cute cake, too! I have a birthday coming soon (hint, hint!).

  7. This cake is too cute!!! Kudos to Jenny for making such an awesome cake, and heres wishing you a VERY happy birthday! 😀

    • Jenny is the best! This cake was actually for my friend’s birthday, but we celebrated it shortly after mine so I sort of feel it was my cake too. Haha. Thanks!

  8. CUTE CUTE CUTE! I’ve sent Jenny an email regarding Rosa’s baby shower. I was thinking cake pops, but let’s face it, I won’t have the time. Hopefully she gets back to me.

    • She is usually pretty quick at replying! Oh what a great idea to use her for Rosa’s baby shower! I am thinking of getting cupcakes from her next time.

  9. Yay! What awesome pictures! Its really fun to see the cake on the inside too 🙂 This was one of my favorite cakes ever, I had so much fun with it, thanks for giving me the opportunity to play with such a cute character.

    I should point out that this cake was to raise funds for the leukemia and lymphoma society, I think that the character cakes cause some trademark issues, so I generally avoid them, or I do them as a fundraiser for my favourite charity!

    I was also lucky enough to receive some little tokidoki purses from canine cologne featuring donutella, so I’m looking for an excuse to think of another cake now!!

    • Oh I should have added that. Actually I was originally going to, and then I didn’t want to give the wrong impression that all your cakes go towards raising funds for leukemia and lymphoma society. I’ll add that to my post. How lucky that you got some purses from CC!