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FFF: Bruised, but still edible

An example of great character creation… we were passing by the snack
aisle and for some reason this package caught my eye. Not that it
looked delicious or the image was compelling or unique, but that my
eyes spied the characters’ eyes. When a character holds a fist up and
the other character has a black eye my mind connects the dots to
something off the wall. Well I guess that was a direct path to my
suspicions, but if I didn’t notice the black eye maybe sunglasses would
have helped. Then the other “Banana” (they’re are supposed to be rice
crackers I think) could say “oh this? I tripped and hit the kitchen counter. ” or “when I peeled my skin off, I slipped on it (think banana peel)”

I like rice crackers, but I don’t want a black eye. Will I get a
punch in the face when I eat these crackers? The image of the Kool-Aid
guy busting out of the wall comes to mind, but with Banana characters
jumping out of nowhere and just punching your eyes.

Enjoy these black-eyed crackers.
Black Eyed Crackers

and this zoomed in.
Zoomed in black eyed crackers

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2 comments on “FFF: Bruised, but still edible”

  1. And one of those banana characters is a girl! “oh, I got socked in the eye by a banana, a female banana.” How embarrassing…

  2. Hahaha, embarrassing for a banana or for getting a black eye from a female? Both situations are probably just as embarrassing…
    Thanks for the response Carol!

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