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Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Edge brownies

I was having a huge craving for brownies this weekend and I didn’t have much energy so I made some Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownies using my Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan*. I have to say, I absolutely love this pan and am so glad I invested in it. I like to update my posts when I can. I am as thrilled with this pan now as I was when I first got it.

The brownies come out perfectly, each piece having at least two chewy, hard edges. It was so pretty, I had to take out my camera. See how perfect the edges are displayed in these brownies? Whenever I make these, they disappear so quickly. This batch lasted less than 24 hours.

I forgot to take a picture of the pan this time, but this is a previous picture I took, when I made a double batch. Since then, I’ve stuck to making single batches. I think the double batch is too thick and rich and sweet.

I am also really enjoying the Ghirardelli mix. Out of all the brownie mixes, Ghirardelli and Betty Crocker are my favorite because they both create a fudgier, chewy brownie. I think the Ghirardelli one has a richer, higher quality chocolate. You can get a big box of mix from Costco.

I’m loving my brownie edge pan, which I plan on using for some other things. Not sure what. I might try making mochi cake because usually the most sought after pieces for my mochi cake are also the edge pieces since the edges are especially chewy like brownies.

The other nice thing about this pan is that even though the shape is different, you follow the same bake times and temperatures as you normally would.

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7 comments on “Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Edge brownies”

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  3. ha ha, i’m selfish like that, keeping the corners. when i make my lemon cheesecake bars, i always do that, unless they are really good friends, then i’ll give it up. i love edges but i love corners the best.

  4. Haha, that’s funny that you keep the edges for yourself. =) Everyone in my family fights over the edges. I didn’t know that Costco stopped carrying them for a while. I used to keep seeing it but never bought it, and then I finally did. Those images on the cover are so mouth watering. Mmm, kahlua sounds yummy. But no one else in my family would eat them then since no one likes coffee flavored things except me.

  5. Mine is still non-stick, and I’m glad to know that yours stayed that way even after a few years of use. I remember when this first came out and I thought it was too pricey for a pan, but now I am so glad I got it.

  6. hi kirbie —-ooh, i love that baker’s edge pan. i just saw it recently at great news! in p.b. but i didn’t get it. i love edges! sometimes, well, all the time, when I make baked goods, i keep the corners for myself.
    ghirardelli boxed brownie mix is my favorite. sometimes i’ll add to it, like kahlua, then i’ll also do a kahlua glaze. costco started carrying it again. they did a long time ago, then stopped. but it’s back, so yay.

  7. I love my Baker’s Edge pan! Even after a couple of years of use, it’s still very non-stick. Maybe it’s time to dig it out again and bake something…

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