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Hello Kitty and friends rice balls

I was looking for a certain rice ball cut out when I stumbled on this Hello Kitty onigiri set. I just had to get them. Hello Kitty was just too cute to resist. I didn't allot enough time to make these, and they ended up being a little more complicated than I expected.

The set comes with rice ball shapers, seaweed punchers and vegetable cut-out. There are three rice ball shapers: one for Hello Kitty, one for the bear, and one for Melody.  The onigiri makers are easy to use. There is a seaweed
puncher for the whiskers and eyes and nose. While the puncher works
fine, there is a lot to put on for the Hello Kitty face: 6 whiskers, and
two eyes. When I was putting on the seaweed cut-outs, my hands would
get really sticky from the rice. The other complicated thing is that you have to be really precise with the face part placements. It's hard to judge just the right distance and the faces look really weird if they aren't just right.

The vegetable cut-outs were for the accessories on each character. I didn't have much in my fridge, so I ended up using a piece of cheese. For the rice, I put some rice vinegar, to make it more like sushi rice. I
put rice seasoning on the bottom of each of the faces so that they
would have more taste. 

I'm going to
attempt this again sometime soon, now that I know what to expect. I also
would like to put them in a cute bento box or something that can
display them better.

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13 comments on “Hello Kitty and friends rice balls”

  1. How big are the finished rice balls?

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  6. Thanks! I plan on redoing them though with all the right colors. but I had to take a pic of these since they took so long to do!

  7. All these Hello Kitty rice balls seem so cute and I have never seen such nice rise balls.I will also get these rice ball shapers for me.First I have to find this rice ball shaper.

  8. I agree….irresistible!

  9. hi! can you please give me the link or tell me where ican get the molds? xx