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Alright, this isn’t a restaurant. But it’s a shop full of cuteness and I just had to share.

I recently came across the JapanLA store and really wanted to visit. They have a physical location in Los Angeles, though there are items you can purchase online as well.

They even encourage you to take photos and share, so I did just that.

Some of my favorite items included these mini Rilakkuma sets. I have the Hello Kitty line and I was so tempted to get these as well.

They had some interesting Hello Kitty art on display.

While there, I picked up my Hello Kitty candy/ice cube silicone mold that I used to make my fruit snacks and this adorable Lucky Hello Kitty coin bank.

While I was immersing myself in all the cuteness, this is what Mr. K was taking photos of:

Here are some more photos:

If you are too far away to visit the physical store, you can follow their blog online. From there you can purchase things from the store and you will find out about the latest new items added which you can order via email.

7320 1/2 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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14 comments on “JapanLA”

  1. Cute! I definitely stocked up on a few Rilakkuma items when I was recently in Japan, haha.

  2. OMG, so cute!!!! Everything, especially Rilakkuma and those little sets! Do you display yours? I’ve read their blog from time to time but never visited their store. The “ovary” thing Mr.K took a photo of is wierd, but cute too, ha ha.

    • I have my HK sets inside clear cases. I had to superglue them down because if someone ever touches it, they will fall over. They are so cute, but kind of a hassle, haha. They are so small so it took me forever to arrange and glue them down, but I do love staring at them.

  3. Hey Kirbie,

    Really interesting store. A great place to go walk into after eating at one of the restaurants there. Also, have you tried Hide Sushi? I think the quality if pretty good and fairly priced.

  4. Legitimately laughing out loud at Mr. K’s “ovary ova achiever” photo. Turn a man loose with a camera and they always find these things. Cool store, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. I love Hello Kitty things too and I try to collect as many stuffies, jewelry, and other other knick knacks I can find when traveling! I have to go here sometime! Everything is sooo CUTE! lol

  6. I saw this post and had to go to the Marukai complex to get my fix. I’m good for a couple of weeks now.

  7. I live right down the street from JapanLA, and I agree it’s soooo adorable!!

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