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Korean Mochi Balls

On my last few trips to Zion Market, I’ve been pretty efficient.  Get in and get out.  But then the other day, there was an ingredient I was looking for, and I thought perhaps Zion would have it.  So I went to look for the ingredient, which meant I had to browse a bit to find it…which inevitably led me to slow down and explore the store. And of course I ended up with stuff I didn’t need.

One of the things I picked up on my visit were these cute mochi balls in the freezer section!  I love mochi and can never resist it. The bright colored little balls caught my eye.  I was also surprised of the different flavors: including a pumpkin one!

The balls were nice and chewy.  Inside, they are filled with red bean paste. I enjoyed them all except for the yellow pumpkin one. This was was hard rather than chewy. Not sure why.

Purchased from:

Zion Market
4611 Mercury Street
San Diego, CA 92111

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2 comments on “Korean Mochi Balls”

  1. I love pastel color foods too!

  2. I love the pastel colours! They’re so pretty!