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Master Bathroom and OXO Giveaway

Last month I shared some photos of my favorite part of my new house: the kitchen. Now I want to share my second favorite room: the master bathroom.

I was wondering if I was a little weird to be completely in love with the kitchen and master bathroom, but then my brother visited this weekend and after touring my house he told me his favorite rooms were the kitchen and master bathroom too.

The master bathroom has a clear glass shower with pretty granite tiles. It’s big enough that it even has a seating area, though I’ve never actually used the seat portion. When my in-laws visited, they said it looked like a fancy hotel shower.

One thing we immediately had to do though, was getting a squeegee to keep the glass clean and clear from water stains. It was actually the first purchase we did for our new house and after much researching, we bought an OXO all purpose squeegee on Amazon. So far it’s been great. It’s light and easy to maneuver and is small enough to squeeze into corners. It only takes a minute after showering to wipe off the water droplets with the squeegee.

I am also in love with the tub. It’s ridiculously big. Actually it’s a little too big and takes quite a lot of water to fill it even halfway. The tub is spacious enough to fit about three of me.

Here are some rubber ducks for a size comparison. I like taking baths, so one of my house hunting requirements was a soaking tub. I immediately fell in love with this tub. However, now I’ve been limiting the baths because the tub uses so much water.

To help furnish my bathroom, OXO was kind enough to supply me with some additional bathroom supplies from their bathroom organization line. Here are the tools they provided me with, which I am also enjoying: compact toilet brush and canister, toilet plunger and canister, grout brush, and household squeegee.

I like that the toilet brush and plunger are hidden inside a canister because I normally hate looking at these tools. If you pull up on the handle, the canister easily opens to allow you to remove the brush or plunger and then you can hide them back inside again. The grout brush is sturdy and perfect for the grout lines on the big floor tiles as well as the tiny tiles of the shower floor. And the household OXO squeegee works as well as the one all purpose one we originally purchased and we now use it in the guest bathroom.

Here’s an OXO video demonstrating the OXO toilet brush and canister set:

Now onto the giveaway! OXO has generously agreed to give away a set of the same bathroom products they provided me with! Everyone can use some new bathroom tools right?

To enter, please follow the comment request in the PromoSimple box. Make sure your answer and any other bonus entries are written within the PromoSimple box. Also, please no false entries. Both existing and new followers are eligible for the bonus entries, but please do not put in fake information. It may look like an invalid bonus entry was submitted successfully, but they are independently verified and if any entry is found to be invalid, PromoSimple disqualifies all entries submitted by that person. Good luck!

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6 comments on “Master Bathroom and OXO Giveaway”

  1. Wow at your bathroom! Do you know if the previous owner was a custom builder ? I ‘ve never seen a shower with a seat. I agree with your brother that the bathroom looks like a hotel bathroom, but I love that it has the home feeling with the over the hanging shower caddy!

    Im jealous that youur husb cleans the glassafter each use. I WISH my family would I have asked them repeatedly but they dont.

    I’d like to win this oxo bathroom set because I will make the family use it daily!

    • This was a new development so there was no previous owner. Both my husband and I are on the same page on trying to keep the place clean and new so he doesnt mind using the squeegee after every use.

  2. Girl, I’m sooooo jealous of that tub! Our little tub is barely big enough for me to sink down to my neck in 🙁 Some day…

    • Aw =( Yes, hopefully someday! we saw a few houses that didn’t even have tubs and I was really against those!

  3. My secret indulgence. When we go to Las Vegas for National Finals Rodeo, I tell everyone that I’m really going there to take my two baths of the year. The gigantic/ soaking tub is the most wonderful invention.

    • nice! I love finding hotels with soaking tubs, or even better: jacuzzi tubs! I was kind of hoping to have my own but I don’t know how often I would use it so it’s probably best I don’t.

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