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McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin

McDonald Egg White Delight McMuffin
Is it me or does McDonald’s do a really good job at promoting the heck out of new products? I feel like there are new items at other fast food chains that never make my radar, but I don’t think I’ve ever missed out learning about a new McDonald’s item.

One of their latest products is the healthier Egg White Delight McMuffin. (More information at the end of the post on how to get it for just $1.)  I’ve always enjoyed McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, so I was really curious how the healthier makeover would stand up.
McDonald Egg White Delight McMuffin
The sandwich swaps out a regular egg with only egg whites, uses extra lean canadian bacon, and replaces the American cheese with white cheddar.

The verdict? I thought this was a pretty good healthier version of the original egg McMuffin. The egg whites were fluffy and pleasant, the cheese was noticeably creamier than the original American cheese. I confess, I did miss the egg yolk, but that’s because I really love egg yolks.

The healthier version is 50 calories and 5 grams of fat lighter. It’s not a huge difference, but then the original wasn’t too bad to begin with (300 calories, 12 grams of fat).  The biggest different is the cholesterol, reducing from 260mg to a 25mg, so for those watching their cholesterol and or trying to eat a little healthier, it’s definitely a good option.

Right now McDonald’s is giving customers the opportunity to try the sandwich for just $1 (through June 20, 2013). Click here to get the coupon. And with the late night breakfast option available in Southern California, you can try this during breakfast hours or after midnight.

While there we also got a mocha frappe.

I still prefer the Starbucks version. This reminds me though, I just read that McDonald’s will be debuting a Dulce de Leche Shake for summer. I’m going to have to visit soon to try that one out.

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  1. I love these quick and simple reviews! I’m definitely trying one of these. Thanks for the coupon.