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Milk Bar

photo of three ice cream sandwiches served at Milk Bar

Milk Bar, in Orange County, is known for their ice cream sandwich creations, served on various creative cookie formats.
photo of the menu at Milk Bar
With my ice cream obsession, I had to pay them a visit.

I chose a cookie monster ice cream with their giant Oreo cookies. Mr. K chose ube ice cream with their rainbow cereal cookie bars (made from fruity pebbles). And my friend chose cherry ice cream with the rainbow cookie bars.
overhead photo a cookie monster ice cream sandwichs, a ube ice cream sandwich with rainbow cereal cookie bars and a cherry ice cream with rainbow cookie bars.
I enjoyed my sandwich, especially with the giant Oreo cookie. I do wish they had a cookie ice cream flavor that wasn’t loaded with so much food coloring. My tongue was immediately blue after one bite.
close-up photo of oreo cookie ice cream sandwichclose-up photo of a fruity pepple ice cream sandwichclose-up photo of cherry ice cream sandwich

For the drinks, we ordered the green Thai tea and mango loco.
photo of green Thai teas and mango loco
I was very curious about the green Thai tea. I loved the way it looked, but it actually is just green tea with condensed milk. What I especially didn’t like was that they added food coloring to the tea to make it a much stronger shade of green. The mango coconut was pretty good though. Light, creamy and refreshing.

Overall, this was a fun place to visit and I can see why it is so popular. I admire their constant creativity, especially with their ice cream sandwiches, but I can’t see myself visiting too often because I really don’t enjoy eating so much food coloring if I can avoid it.

Milk Bar
16051 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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