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Bay Area: Orange Tree Yogurt

Orange Tree Yogurt
21267 Stevens Creek Blvd., Ste 310
Cupertino, CA 95014

On my last visit home, I noticed a grand opening sign for Orange Tree Yogurt.  You would think with so many froyo places that this wouldn’t interest me.  But I feel compelled to go to almost every single new place I see if I’m in the area.  I wasn’t very impressed with the name.  There are so many yogurt places with cute names. Not sure how they came up with Orange Tree.

Orange Tree is your typical self serve yogurt place.  For the grand opening special, the yogurt is .30/oz.  They had about 8 flavors, and toppings including fresh fruit, jellies and mochi.  Not nearly the amount of flavors or toppings offered at some other places, but enough to keep me satisfied.  The one thing that stood out about this place is that they had green tea and mango flavored mochi, which I haven’t see anywhere else yet.  Every other place I have been to only offer regular mochi.

The yogurt was pretty creamy and more on the sweet side than tart, which I like.  I especially enjoyed the taro.  I enjoyed the green tea and mango mochi but found them to be slightly hard, as if they were a bit stale.

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2 comments on “Bay Area: Orange Tree Yogurt”

  1. Apparently it’s a pretty big chain. I went to their website. Though this is the first location I’ve seen. Also their website didn’t offer any insight into the name either. Oh well.

  2. Interesting name. Wonder if it has something to do with Stocklmeir orange grove. I know that long ago, Cupertino was predominantly fruit orchards, before the whole Silicon Valley boom. But Stocklmeir is the only orange grove I’ve heard of.

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