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Spring Cleaning House Updates

These last few weeks I’ve been obsessed with working on our house. I guess it’s all the Spring cleaning fever in the air.

I’ve mainly set more goals of things I want to do, but I figure if I continue to update my progress on my blog, I might actually get some of them done.

Some of these goals include finally finishing unpacking everything in the garage and cleaning it up, getting a glass protector for our dining table, reorganizing the master bath closet, buying a display cabinet for the nice crystal we got as wedding presents, and planting new flowers in the front yard.

We’ve been quite busy this month, but I did manage to accomplish a few new improvements.

We finally hung up all the canvas prints for our living room wall.

I also bought a heavy duty storage shelf to organize all of my recipe photo props. All the different plates, serving boards, etc, are arranged in a way that I can easily see them all and choose what I want.

And of course, my mugs have their own dedicated shelf.

In the master bathroom, we upgraded our laundry hampers to these nice looking woven ones with lids.

We also changed our shower holder to OXO’s All-in-Reach Shower Shelf. OXO was generous enough to send me some of their favorite bathroom line of products. When Mr. K saw this one, he got super excited. I was a little hesitant about using it at first.

As you recall, I picked out this small and elegant one last year and I loved how it looked in our shower. However, it wasn’t very practical for us because it had limited space and could only fit regular sized shampoo bottles. We tend to buy the larger bottles, so we ended up having to still use the built-in shallow shower shelf and the bench area to hold the rest of our shower things.

So, I let Mr. K convince me into switching out our old one for the new OXO one and now I am loving it. Not only does it hold everything, including all of our oversized bottles, but the bottom is also slightly curved on both ends, keeping the soap and other small bottles from falling off.

OXO also provided us with a Stainless Steel Toilet Brush & Canister and a Stainless Steel Toilet Plunger & Canister. The stainless steel just makes it look so much more stylish! What I especially love about these though, is that you can easily pull out and put back in the toilet brush and the toilet plunger. In, out, and out of sight.

One more item I really loved from the selection OXO sent us is this Toothbrush Holder. The lid opens so easily, giving you easy access to your toothbrush and toothpaste. It has compartments for 2 toothbrushes and a toothpaste, keeping everything compact in one corner of my sink.

I have more big plans for the garden this year, including adding a dwarf meyer lemon tree, heirloom tomatoes, and a few more plants.

My herb garden bed has gone a bit crazy. We’re going to add in a second one this year to give the plants more breathing space.

I am excited that all of our trees and plants from last year seemed to survive fairly well and now that it is Spring, they are showing new signs of life. It’s funny how quickly it happens. All winter they looked lifeless, and then I wake up one day and there are flowers, leaves, etc.

I’m particularly excited by all the blueberries that our small plant will be producing.

My pomegranate tree is also starting early with two little ones.

My donut peach also had a smattering of pink blooms.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to update in a few months with some more things we’ve accomplished! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


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6 comments on “Spring Cleaning House Updates”

  1. What do you use to keep your bathroom so clean?? And how often do you clean it? Also, how do you keep all your dishes from getting dusty since they’re out on an open rack? Okay, I’ll stop asking ridiculous questions now. lol. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the kind words. We just use regular cleaning products. I also use a squeegee for the shower which we use after we are done showering, to help keep the glass clear. We clean about every 2 weeks. The dishes on top do sometimes get dusty. if that happens, I’ll wash it before using.

  2. I don’t know why I got excited about seeing your bathroom products but it’s always interesting how other people store their shower needs.

    • haha, i totally understand! i had a hard time furnishing my bathroom, and we used to go look at open houses just so i could see the bathroom set-up. lol

  3. So jealous of your garden! My little balcony garden is so sad in comparison….

    • Aw =( I was like that before too until we moved into this house. the problem with having a backyard to do a large garden and fruit trees is that I don’t think I ever want to move away and leave them.