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photo of the outside of Sucré

Sucré is a dessert boutique in New Orleans specializing in macarons, chocolate and cakes.

It’s been nearly six months since my trip to New Orleans but I have a few more posts to share. Some of you might recall that I did two very sweet giveaways with Sucre a few years back. At the time, I didn’t have any plans to visit New Orleans any time soon, so while I loved the chocolates and macarons, I soon forgot where their store was located. When I was researching for my trip, Sucre kept coming up as a good spot to buy King cake, and I thought the name sounded awfully familiar. And then it came to me.
photo of the inside of Sucréphoto collage of different desserts in the display case
It was pretty exciting to see the storefront after tasting their sweets years ago. Inside, it’s like a confectionery heaven. Colorful macarons, mini cakes, ice cream, chocolate, etc.

Vanilla Almond Cake
photo of Vanilla Almond Cake

We chose a delicate vanilla almond cake to share. It was light and airy with a pale pink macaron shell perched on top. After you choose your desserts, they put them on glass plates, add some caramel sauce drizzles, making the presentation even nicer.
overhead photo of Vanilla Almond Cake

Mardi Gras macaron
photo of a Mardi Gras macaron
Since Mardi Gras was coming up, they had these special macarons made in Mardi Gras colors.  I honestly can’t recall the flavor, but I really enjoyed eating the colorful creation.close-up photo of Mardi Gras macaron

King Cake
photo of King Cake
We also shared a slice of the King Cake and ended up buying a whole one to bring home. Unlike most King Cakes which are decorated with sprinkles, this one had a shimmery pastel glaze that made it look so elegant.

Overall, we had a good time here. I can see why it is so popular and the store offers a lot of different desserts. We’d definitely stop in again next time we visit New Orleans.

3025 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA

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6 comments on “Sucré”

  1. Such pretty macarons. The King Cake flavor was like no other I’ve had before.

  2. My favorite macaron place! I can’t wait to go there when I visit in Oct.

  3. Kirbie, the address you list for Sucre is in Redlands, CA rather than New Orleans, LA. Looks like a yummy place – what was the pricing for macarons?