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Sunday Dinners and $100 giveaway

Please note, the giveaway has ended and Blogher has chosen a random winner. Congratulations to Comment #7.

I was excited to see so much interest in my last giveaway. With double the prize money this time, hopefully people will enjoy this one as well. This giveaway will be hosted by Blogher and Del Monte, but you have the same chance of winning because they will be choosing one winner from my blog. Details are at the end of this post.

DH and I spend most of the weekend indulging on unhealthy foods. We’re trying new restaurants, snacking on sweets I baked, getting drinks with friends, etc. When Sunday rolls around, I end up feeling quite guilty from everything we’ve consumed. Whenever possible, I try to set Sunday dinner aside for a little bit of cleansing. Nothing too drastic, but I like to cook a healthier dinner, load up on greens, and start the detox from our weekend of indulging. photo of lettuce on a cutting board Recently I was chosen to participate in Del Monte’s “Enjoy Life More” program which focuses on healthy living and little things you can do to enjoy life more in a nutritious way. I’ve always enjoyed Del Monte products and since I’m always trying to find ways to eat healthier, I signed up to participate. close-up photo of a salad Of course, I prefer using fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. But due to seasons and time constraints I will use canned ones as well. I’ve always favored Del Monte canned vegetable products because I think they taste better (i.e., the corn is sweeter than other brands I’ve tried), but it was only after participating in this program that I learned that their fruits and vegetables are packed at the peak of ripeness, which probably explains why they taste better. I also learned that Del Monte canned fruits and vegetables contain similar nutrients to fresh and have no artificial colors or flavors. This information makes me feel far less guilty about using canned vegetables or fruit. photo of a can of corn and a can of diced tomatoes I immediately knew what my healthier Sunday dinner was going to be for this program. DH loves Italian, so I decided to make use Del Monte Diced Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic & Oregano to make a healthier pasta sauce than what we would normally consume when dining out. I also really wanted to add some greens, so I added a tossed salad of red leaf lettuce, endives, and Del Monte Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn for some added natural sweetness. Using the ready diced canned tomatoes cut down on the time make my marinara sauce, a definite plus because if it was too time-consuming, I’d be too lazy and just decide to eat out instead. photo of pasta with marinara sauce DH really enjoyed the pasta and the salad as well. We had a nice dinner together, and we were able to unwind Sunday evening with this meal. He was quite crushed that I had only made enough for two servings, as he had hoped for leftovers for the rest of the week. Honestly, though, this was so easy to put together, I might have enough energy to make it again for him later this week. photo of a bowl of pasta

Healthier Marinara Pasta Sauce

Servings: 2
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Course: Main Dishes
Cuisine: Italian
This simple marinara sauce uses pantry ingredients and is ready to go after about 15 minutes of cooking time. Toss it with your favorite pasta for an easy weeknight dinner.


  • 1 can Diced Tomatoes with Basil Garlic & Oregano (unsalted version)
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp Italian seasoning
  • 1 clove garlic crushed
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • cooked pasta of your choice I used a medley of vegetable infused and whole wheat pasta


  • In one pot, bring your pasta to a boil and cook to desired doneness.
  • At the same time, take a medium saucepan and make your sauce. Add in the canned tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt and seasoning and bring to a low simmer. Cook with lid for 10-15 minutes. Remove lid from pot to reduce the sauce, but keep it nearby as you stir as the tomato sauce tends to spray. 
  • Cook for an additional 5-10 minutes, stirring constantly. When the sauce is finished, add in pepper, then toss pasta in the sauce. Then serve immediately.


Nutrition estimate is for the sauce only.


Serving: 0.5of recipe, Calories: 168kcal, Carbohydrates: 10g, Protein: 1g, Fat: 14g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Sodium: 2347mg, Potassium: 417mg, Fiber: 3g, Sugar: 5g, Vitamin A: 285IU, Vitamin C: 19.6mg, Calcium: 104mg, Iron: 2.9mg, Net Carbs: 7g

The nutrition information provided are only estimates based on an online nutritional calculator. I am not a certified nutritionist. Please consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for accurate information and any dietary restrictions and concerns you may have.

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Now onto the giveaway!

One lucky reader from my blog will win a $100 Visa gift card. The giveaway is from Del Monte and will be administered by BlogHer

BlogHer will choose the winner and then let me know so that I can get the winner’s contact information. The giveaway details are below:

To be entered for a chance to win, tell us about meals that make you feel good & are good for you.

Rules: No duplicate comments. You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods: a) Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post b) Tweet (public message) about this promotion; including exactly the following unique term in your tweet message: “”#SweepstakesEntry””; and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post” c) Blog about this promotion, including a disclosure that you are receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post, and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post d) For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry. This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected. The Official Rules are available here. This sweepstakes runs from 11/19/2012 – 12/21/2012.

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131 comments on “Sunday Dinners and $100 giveaway”

  1. I love making vegetable soups. They’re so filling, and I get a whole day’s worth of veggies servings in one meal!

  2. I like to make a Chinese chicken salad.

  3. I try to make all of our meals good for us, but one that I love seeing my 5- and 2-year old gobble up is anything with kale. I just love that they eat a wide array of fruits and veggies (:

  4. I love Del Monte product. They are the best among all the brands.
    Highest qualuty you can trust.I like the Cream style corn the most, especially when I made corn fish. My kids love the dish, it is simple ans healthy, all you need is 1 pound of swai fillet and a can of cream style corn, you have a healthy meal in 5 minutes. I stock up on this item, it is always handy when you don’t have time and need to fix a healthy meal for the family.

  5. Chicken in tomato sauce with a couple of seasonal veggies in a spicy tomato sauce, served over brown rice. Can’t beat it.

  6. I make these delicious chicken gyros with greek yogurt sauce and high fiber tortillas!

  7. Love their fruit cups!

  8. I love salmon! It tastes great and I feel good about what I’m eating.

  9. My new fave healthy meal is stuffed squash. I’ve been buying acorn or red kuri squashes and stuffing them with a veggie and cheese mix–whatever I have on hand. It makes a really satisfying and healthy meal, and it’s a great way to incorporate lots of veggies at one time.

  10. tweet–

  11. I know someone said this already, but I also make a lot of soups with lots of veggies, lentils, and beans… they are delicious and healthy.

  12. I love making veggie pastas – basically a red sauce with just about anything I have thrown in: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, spinach, whatever I have!

  13. I like to make fruit and veggies smoothies. They are healthy and delicious

  14. Alright, this one is going to take a little thought. Since it is getting cold I will choose a nice winter dish, Vegetarian Lasagna. I am not a vegetarian but that doesn’t mean that i can’t enjoy a meal of veggies. Lasagna is pretty easy to make, it’s so nice on a cold day, and it isn’t too bad for you. Veggies, wheat pasta, and light cheese make for a healthy dish. I also like to make it extra cheesy. So good.

  15. I love making mac and cheese the healthy way! Sneaking in pureed veggies like carrot or butternut squash. a feel good meal that is homey and healthy!

  16. I’m a big fan of hearty salads – nuts, goat cheese, eggs, all sorts of dark greens. Those are the things that make me feel like im actually eating a big meal, but a healthy one too!

  17. I love Chinese hot pots that you make at home. You start off with a broth and continue adding whatever vegetables and other items you like (we usually use an assortment of mushrooms, napa cabbage, watercress, seafood and thinly sliced sirloin). I love the fact that we use fresh ingredients and add no salt or other preservatives. Any leftover soup can be served with noodles as well.

  18. For me, it’s chili. Whether or not I add meat, I always load it up with veggies (usually canned). Nothing warms the tummy and soul like a big hot bowl on a bitterly cold day!

    How ‘Bout Some Cake

  19. I like to make veggie scrambles and eat them with brown rice.

  20. I like meals that are well balanced to include veggies!!! Thanks for a chance to win and have a great day!

  21. Caprese salad, Mmm. I also love a good veggie soup.

  22. A great veggie noodle soup makes me feel great & is good for me.

  23. I love to make soups and chilis. Its super filling and comforting so you don’t feel like you are missing out. Plus you can load them up with leaner meats and load of veggies and even the pickiest eater will be none the wiser!

  24. After too many weekday nights of rushed meals that I am not always proud of, I feel genuinely happy to have a weekend to first buy quality ingredients and then cook something homemade for my family. It doesn’t always turn out amazing, but I feel good knowing we are trying something healthy and fresh.

  25. I love spicy grilled tilapia!

  26. We always had a roasted chicken on Sundays and my mom loved corn with butter melted over it! I remember that and have it myself on Sundays from time to time. Love the Del Monte corn and creamed corn!

  27. First of all, the pasta that you used is so cute!! I usually go with plain old fettucine but now I’m motivated to look for some other pasta. For our healthy/”detox” meals I usually do a cold tofu dish, like tofu with preserved duck egg.

  28. I like taco salad. It mixes healthy with spicy!

  29. A meal that is good and good for you is the chicken pot pies I make that use vegetarian “faux” chicken, organic veggies, and other organic ingredients. So good!
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  30. broccoli. lots of vitamins. cooked and uncooked (with dressing :] ) both taste good

  31. I had no idea these products are packed at the farm!

  32. I love baking chicken with carrots and potatoes.

  33. i love to make Homemade spaghetti sauce!

  34. big fresh salads served with homemade soup and homemade bread

  35. I love making soups during winter time, our favorite is chicken tortilla soup, filled with lots of veggies and chicken! 🙂 Especially during winter 😛

  36. Salads always make me feel good! My favorite one to make has romaine, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, and fresh chopped basil! Oh and some mozzarella!

  37. I love to make veggie lasagna. Full of good for you veggies and very filling as well.

  38. My favorite recipe is a massaged kale salad. I basically nuke the kale for about 40 secs in the microwave because I like it a little softer, massage it with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and then dress it with half balsamic and half goddess dressing from TJs (SO GOOD)!. To amp up the protein and dress it a bit, i’ll sprinkle some grape tomatoes and top the bowl off with a poached egg. It’s a delicious and healthy brunch food too!

  39. I love kale salad with marinated tempeh! It’s despicably healthy.

  40. Vegetable soup and macaroni! Comforting, filling and healthy 🙂

  41. To me, there’s nothing better than a nice big salad with grilled chicken and lots of veggies!

  42. Grilled green beans with togarashi and soy sauce.

  43. i like putting together a vegetable soup!

  44. I have found that raw vegetables are much more flavorful and interesting to eat than cooked. I include them in some type of salads every day. For comfort food, I like rice and beans or some type of bean soup.

  45. I love guacamole dip, always looking forward to it.

  46. I love to make homemade tofu meatballs! The tofu makes the meatballs so soft and tender. Then throw in some canned corn for that perfect sweetness! 😀

  47. I learnt this from my roommates, but a really quick and delicious meal is to just mix a can of creamy corn with rice, and microwave for 2 minutes! And you can personalize with whatever you want (for me, I just use whatever leftovers are in the fridge!)

  48. With holidays one of our comfort foods to make are Turkey Pot pies loaded with veggies. Makes me feel good the family is eating their veggies

  49. I love eating homemade- homemade chicken noodle soup sounds amazing right now!

    chambanachik at gmail dot com

  50. I love to eat salmon, it makes me feel good that I am eating healthy.
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  51. I love mega-salads with chickpeas, corn, tomatoes, sweet onion, black olives, green leaf lettuce, extra sharp cheddar, red bell pepper, etc., tossed with a Dijon vinaigrette.

  52. Homemade chicken noodle soup with lots of garlic, onion, celery, and carrots.

  53. Salads are definitely a good meal to eat as long as it is not laden down with the bad stuff. But I love me some whole kernel corn in salads.

  54. I really enjoy steaming veggies and serving them over white steamed rice. It is a filling meal that isn’t fattening or greasy. It gives me energy and makes me feel good about myself! 🙂

  55. I like to make 15 bean soups in my crockpot, then make a green salad and fruit salad as side dishes. A mixture of healthy servings!

  56. I like to make Chef Salads or Shrimp Louis Salads
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  57. We like vegetables in everything . My son came back from a trip to Europe and he said they put corn on pizza there. It is good…we have done it. Canned pineapple is good on pizza too. We like canned peaches to make cobbler. It is good to have a variety of canned goods in cupboard for emergency and to save trips to grocery store.

  58. I love cooking any salmon dishes and whipping up salads. Chicken noodle soup and tomato soups are two more dishes! Always feel good after eating them! 🙂

  59. Veggie quesadillas are yummy, good for me, and make me feel good

  60. I feel good when I eat food that I think is good for me, I like arugula salad with vinaigrette dressing and dried figs. Thanks for the recipe and giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  61. I like making chicken soup from scratch as well as stir-fry cabbage with dried shrimp. I love the crunchiness of cabbage! 🙂

  62. I started growing my own veggies for my family. I wanted to make sure that they were getting good wholesome food. Not only that but such a money saver as well. This year I grew banana peppers. I am also a canner! I pickled banana peppers and canned them. I had boneless pork chops and tossed in a jar of my pickled banana peppers and put them in the freezer. (my banana peppers are just the peppers and vinegar) Once unthawed, put them in the oven and bake…they need no salt, to other spices and come out so tender and flavor full!

  63. I love any meal that includes a big side of vegetables salad, roasted beets and sweet potatoes or any peppers on the grill.

  64. I like Kale Salad with Quinoa and salmon.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  65. A bowl of homemade soup makes me feel good and is good for me.

  66. i like making soups and smoothies in my vitamix

  67. A meal that makes me feel good and good for me gotta be the warm seafood salad with a bowl of soup. I love having lots of veggies in my diet.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  68. I try to keep my meals centered around fruits & veggies. Your recipes for the salad & pasta sauce look delish. Thanks.

  69. I like salad with chicken or fruit.

  70. I love a good chicken salad

  71. I make a lot of soups that are broth-based (though I love creamy ones too) with lots of veggies…comforting and healthy!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  72. Curry. lots of veggies

  73. I love spinach salad with baked chicken or fish!

  74. Feel good and are good for me? My homemade Goulash! It warms you up from the inside out and all the delicious tomatoes are packed full of goodness!

  75. I love vegetable soup this time of year.

  76. I love making soup! I can load it up with veggies and it is super comforting.

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  77. tweet–

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  78. Simple roasted root veggies or winter squash with some lettuces and a poached egg! so simple and healthy but tasty too!

  79. I love making Caprese salads! They’re so good yummmm

  80. I love veggie omelet. It is my go to feel good food.

  81. I love vegetable and chicken stirfry with brown rice. I never feel bad eating it and I know it’s good for me. 🙂

  82. A hearty soup.

  83. The meal that makes me feel good and good for me is mixed veggie, fruits, diced tomato and black bean salad.


  84. Fried rice, so simple and delicious:D

  85. I love Del Monte products. We have a whole pantry full of your products. I should take a photo and send it to you. We stock up on your tomato paste, diced tomatoes, string bean, fruits, corn, cream corn. I can easily make pasta with a good spaghetti sauce made from the above mentioned canned items. Who says goodness doesn’t come out of a can is totally wrong! Our yummy, delicious, and healthy meals come out of Del Monte cans all the time!

  86. I like Chinese Chicken Salad – veggies, fruit, lean chicken and lo cal chinese dressing. Tasty and healthy.

  87. Home made soups and stews always make me feel good and are good for me.

  88. when i’m very tired, i love to go for ochazuke… tea poured over rice with crispy salmon and other veggies!

  89. Homemade soups always make me feel good. Just a little bit of chicken with vegetables and then I’m set!

  90. Massaman tomato soup. Tomatoes are my favorite food, and the warm spices of the massaman paste give the soup so much body. I love it.

  91. When I have to eat healthy, a slice of avocado and on a bed of lettuce and diced tomatoes with a sprinkle of lemon is my go to meal. Sometimes I may have some tuna in there for some added weight but still healthy and makes me feel full in a healthy way.

  92. I keep a variety of Del Monte canned products in my pantry, mostly tomato products. I love the flavors of the canned tomatoes. Simple marinara sauce (onion, garlic, carrots, celery, bay leaf) is what I make most in large batches, portion out into freezer bags and ready for use. I’ll use it with pasta, grilled eggplant (or other veggies), in seafood stews, and as pizza sauce. It’s great because the sauce is light and flavorful and doesn’t weigh me down after a meal.

  93. I love to make curry potato soup! its my fav comfort food especially in winter! Thanks for a super giveaway!
    My email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  94. Tweeted:
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  95. Chinese stir-frys with veggies!

  96. matzoh ball soup with homemade stock made from leftover local chicken from the area co-op

  97. I like to eat salmon (or even herring) with vegetables.

  98. There is nothing better for you or more tasty and comforting than homemade vegan veggie soup!! I make it several times a year in my crockpot and its always a huge hit!

  99. Healthy is a relative term. Almost everything is “healthy” or toxic to you depending on the concentration and amount that you are ingesting/being metabolized.

    Which is why I enjoy a nice medium-rare steak. the proteins + CCK keeps me full without increasing my blood glucose levels and get some good iron and oils.

  100. I like to make chicken soup with veggies it always makes me feel better.


  101. Wrong time of year, but in the summer we LOVE to eat salads. Grill some chicken and toss with yellow squash, romaine, a bit of Parmesan and a dash of Ranch dressing (if we toss ahead of time, we use less dressing)

  102. I love to use chicken for so many meals. Diced in salads, strips for stir fry and chunks for our favorite chicken soup.


  104. I enjoy homemade chicken noodle soup and chicken pot pie

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  105. Grilled chicken, steamed veggies, and rice.

  106. Nothing’s more tasty and comforting than homemade vegan veggie soup!

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